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Poking the ashes.So here I am again. I've seemed to have rediscovered RvB due to immense boredom, however, I don't plan on watching the probable myriad of videos I've missed in my absence just yet. Maybe at another time.

Just wanted to pop in and say hi to anyone who might actually be reading this at any point in time. Not like I had a lot of followers when I actually was active on this site, I can't imagine how I would have any when I haven't even been on in nigh 2 years. Still, the crusade of nostalgia continues and I shall forge forward with it.

A few things I remember:
-The ever-shifting Caboose thread - How many iterations were there? It just seemed to grow indefinitely.
-The Caboose Mafia - Police force of the dedicated. I now realize we were a little bit overzealous and just a tad out of line in taking the responsibility of "protecting" the thread upon ourselves.
-Everybody Loves Caboose - Ah, the little pet project that never came to fruition. Old times, how I yearn.

I can't quite remember anything else. If anyone ever sees this, well, leave a comment here, or drop me a line somewhere else (tornazgul@gmail.com works). I'm not sure when the next time I will actually see this site again will be.

Stumbling upon ghost links of equally vanished friends long past,
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