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29 year-old male from Arlington, TX
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Paychecks are good...So. I just got a Job at Dishnetwork installing and troubleshooting dishes and recievers. Easy job, but low paying, but benifits and my Montogomery GI will help once I start going back too school. Still got possibly two jobs lined up with BP/Amacoo, and I'm suppose to have a phone interview with US Steel soon.

Other than that, not a lot. I need to update my profile pics, because a single, stupid, irresponsible alcoholic, though fun when it was time for that, is no longer me.

Anyways, hope all is well with the rest of you.

And I'll try and make my next post an actually INTERESTING blog intsead of an update(since I'm not exactly charismatic enough to have a fan base lol!) for realies though, any of my "old" friends that actually are tracking me, I hope all is well in your lives as well.
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Name Jonathan.
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Music Nine Inch Nails Tool Ashes Divide and A Perfect Circle.Beyond that different shit different days. I9;ve been a fan of:Classical techno trip hop metal alternative Electronica Miranga Salsa Tejano POP japanese pop etc etc.
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