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Left 4 Trek
Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures #30 is an explanation of Japanese story telling (according to Burnie), every great Star Trek story ever told and strategies for good teamwork while playing Left 4 Dead.
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RemingtonAW Sponsor
these guys are great but add being drunk makes it 10X better
1 month ago
I didn't notice until now that Kevin the Drug Dealer makes a cameo here
8 months ago
@Henchman 57

I know that I did. Didn't even occur to me when I first saw it until I looked at that wiki.
1 year ago
So, who else came here from the RWBY wiki page?
1 year ago
General97 Sponsor
There should be a Left 4 Dead mod where the survivors character models look like the RTAA characters from this episode (or other episodes).
1 year ago
thrawn92 Sponsor
RWBY references the uncle bit :)
1 year ago
Frox Sponsor
which podcast is "ohh thats my uncle" in?
1 year ago
ZebbraFries Pvt Joenes
Actually, Burnie, all that matters is Geoff survive.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Burnie as Kirk........why would I expect him to be boss at that?
2 years ago
Actually all that matters is if geoff survives.
2 years ago
reddevil9312 Sponsor
Uh... Is Joel....... Zoey?
2 years ago
all that matters that i survive biches
2 years ago
"all that matters is that I survive" I hopefully meaning Geoff or Jack or someone funnier.
2 years ago
Assassins221 Sponsor
Lesson learned: Never leave Jack stranded on a planet.
2 years ago
SyrJirk Sponsor
Left 4 dead should have a mod that no matter what game you are in, whenever Bernie dies everyone else automatically loses.
2 years ago
looks like someone has a zombie plan
2 years ago
archangel34 Sponsor
O....That's my uncle!!!!!!
2 years ago
New shirt: all that matters is that I survive
2 years ago
In an apocalypse all that matters is that i survive...... YAYYYYY
2 years ago
MrPJVidz The Meta
Anyone notice zombie Kevin
2 years ago
Anyone else notice zombie Kevin??
2 years ago
if star trek had an intro like that, i might watch star trek
2 years ago
If that's how Star Trek 2 starts, that will be incredible!
2 years ago
this is just to good
2 years ago
thats my moto to ''if there's an apocolipse all that matters is that i survive''
2 years ago  |  + 2 Funny
why is it that in the animated adventures joel is always naked (like in the T-shirt add) but in the shorts gus is always naked (he always takes his shirt off)
2 years ago
MrMajiggles Rectum
A flower growing out of Jack's head? Seems right, there doesn't seem to be any brain there, just dirt.
2 years ago  |  - 1 Flamebait
It's funny how the RT guys look like L4D characters and the Hunter looks like a Hunter.
2 years ago
if there would be 2 survivors left after an apocalypse it should be me and j lo
2 years ago
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