An Internet Conversation
Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures #35 is a re-enactment of a typical conversation with a chat bot trying to talk to a real person. Audio from RT Podcast:
Canadian Zombie Property
Technical Bully Problems
Bound 4 (Implicit)
Behind the Blue Outtakes
Gavin or Google #1: Breaking Babies
Long Title, Weird Girl
Burnie's Wedding Pranks
Grand Theft Cola
Behind the Blue
Gus the Social Media Hostage
Old Geoff, New Suit
Hope vs. Starvation
Burnie's Neighbor Encounter
Miles & The Mouse Mishmash
The Shock Bus
Dan Drinks, Gavin Hoodwinks
Curses, Cookies, & Atoms
Matt Wants Fanfare
A Staircase of Assault
Speeding and Dreaming
Bad Luck Burnie Rides Again
Michael's Weird Neighbor
The One in the Hole
Kung Shu Wedding
Sewers & Freezers
Workspace & Cavemen
Gus' Gas Problem
Lazer Tag Tales
Gus' Candy Cane-ine
Burnie's Crazy Dream, Part 2
Burnie's Crazy Dream, Part 1
Gavin's Pre-Op Photo Op
Dogs & Disappointment
Chopped Stick
Joel's Bottle Blooper
Michael Punches Poo
Bobble Headed Adventures
Dan Likes Cross-Eyed Girls
Geoff's Pyro Friend
Relaxed Gav & Lost Keys
Poopy Horse Blankets
Wet Dream, Polite Robbery
Miles' Crazy Dad
Even More Plane Stories
Borders & Butts
Joel's Meat Diet
RTAA Classics with Commentary - Joel vs Technology & Gav Spills the Headlight Fluid
Barbara Pun-kelman, Jr.
Body Switching & Buckets
Kyle Becomes Wolverine
New Phone, Bad Store
Burnie Fights the Sun
Gavin's Secret Admirer
The Original LOLcats
Drunk Detective Miles
The Podcast King - Outtakes
Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures El Pizza Bandido
Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures Geoff vs. Porch
More Burnie Tales
Gus' Squirrelly Situation
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