Drunk in the City
Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures #63 is NOT a story about Geoff and Gus being good samaritans. It is a story of Geoff and Gus being assholes laughing at someone who is too drunk to take care of themselves while Burnie and Kathleen try to help the idiot.
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The Pubert Situation
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RT Life: Miles Gets His 'Tein On
RT Life
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How To: Mario Twins
How To with Joel and Adam
Red vs. Blue Season 12 Soundtrack Trailer
Red vs. Blue
Episode 19
Red vs. Blue
Gavin Drinks Fart Coffee
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Episode 4
X-Ray and Vav
RWBY Volume 2 Soundtrack Trailer
RWBY Volume 2, Chapter 12
Fusion Confusion
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Let's Play Minimations #4
Let's Play Minimations
Episode 8
Ten Little Roosters
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The Blu-Ray version of Red vs. Blue Season 10!