"Red" Trailer
First look at Rooster Teeth's newest project RWBY helmed by Red vs. Blue Lead Animator Monty Oum.
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This trailer STILL gives me goosebumps to this day.
1 day ago
I really love the...I guess it'd be called the artistic composition or something. The way it's all put together - the contrast of red on the black and white landscape is really striking. And the whole "red riding hood and the big bad wolf" theme is good fun, of course.
2 weeks ago
Kryaotic RWBY Fan
3:10 I wish the Ruby figure was in that pose! But the other one is still great!
1 month ago
Judging by the fact that Ruby looks a bit more mature in this, I wouldn't be surprised if this scene is to show up in the actual series itself. I imagine if it does it will be a bit different of course.
1 month ago
Great songs, good story, charcters are awesome, grat show. RWBY!
1 month ago
ablattel Sponsor
This still gives me goosebumps.
1 month ago
Kryaotic RWBY Fan
Anyone who got their hands on RWBY: Grim Eclipse always tries to re-enact the moves in-game. So much fun!
1 month ago
when I first saw this I thought it was going to be so stupid and a waste of every ones time......now I must need rwby to live!!!!!!!!
1 month ago
Kryaotic RWBY Fan
@Perraith You are aware "Summer Rose" is Ruby's mother right? That's also who was standing with her in the S1 Opening scenes
2 months ago
if you pause the video at 0:38 you will notice the name on the grave is summer rose and if you listen to Monty and them they have said Ruby is Yang's half-sister and that Yang's father is Ruby's father
2 months ago
Those clips have a LOT of bullets
2 months ago
JaredGodden Sponsor
Judging by the skill, this scene will probably reappear, but a bit different. Judging from the show so far, Ruby does not have this skill quite yet.
2 months ago
i still get chills watching this xD
2 months ago
I know it doesn't work in the current canon but I really want Ruby to have a pet Beowolf or something, Mr. Bitey :D
3 months ago
This has probably been mentioned before (I love re-watching these trailers, they're so well done) I'm guessing this first trailer might be based in the future - well after Ruby's time at Beacon. That mark on the tombstone looks vaguely like Yang's own symbol. Could it mean Yang is going to die/disappear? Who knows. "White" Trailer was, more or less, canon; a telling of how Weiss got her scar and the presented the story of someone who's under a lot of stress. The "Black" trailer, too, was canon it seems and it a past event. "Yellow" Trailer had Yang searching for someone that looked like Blake so it is probably not too far a stretch to imagine that Blake's history might cause another rift between the girls, this time Yang going to find her and - possibly - being killed during the search. This is all speculation, of course, but thought I'd share.
3 months ago
Am I the only one who noticed Crescent Rose blade Change from side ways in to upwards as I from l into - ?
3 months ago
ghostempires Sponsor
i am officially re-watching rwby for like the 17 time
4 months ago
Kalathanon Sponsor
@HenrySmith2 agreed.
5 months ago
Every time I see this I get chills.
5 months ago
wow, listening to the lyrics now, really makes me think of the characters
5 months ago
Gamer3427 taC terceS
So, I'm going back and watching this just because why not, and I just realized that the kill animations in this trailer are a lot more gruesome than they are in the show itself......
5 months ago
Kalathanon Sponsor
Everyone Check out a fan game called Grimm Eclipse by Jordan Scott, its a playable Red Trailer. Rooster Teeth you should hire this guy!
5 months ago
AshleyBren GoodGalGamer
First time ever watching this and I have realized something quite awful, I completely missed out on an amazing production. I believe it is time I catch up on RWBY!

6 months ago
I will never tire of watching this
7 months ago
You know Monty, Ruby isn't really out of character in this tailor. Cause she doesn't say anything, meaning she won't say anything out of character and is focused on her enemies, and she uses Crescent Rose the exact same way. How is she out of character, cause she's fighting the Grimm?
If you can't tell what's in or out of character for YOUR OWN CHARACTERS, then that would mean that you won't take this series seriously.
If you can't take it seriously, then I sure as hell won't.
7 months ago
Damien104 Sponsor
theyve already said months ago that Ruby and Yang are sisters.

Whether they share BOTH of the parents is a completely different story however
8 months ago
Written on the tomb:
Summer Rose
Thus Kindly I Scatter
8 months ago
whats written on the tombstone? plz answer
8 months ago
i would love two become a sponsor do you guys take pre paid credit cards for i dont wanna use a real one if not ohh well
8 months ago
maybe ruby's mother/sister was killed by the Grimm Creatures, which is why she want's to be a huntress so badly.
8 months ago
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