Episode 01
To celebrate the release of The Hobbit this month, Kerry Shawcross and Chris Demarais, two staff member of Rooster Teeth Productions (the producers of Red vs Blue, Immersion, and Achievement Hunter), will do in six days what took Frodo and Sam three movies to complete. They will walk the 120+ mile journey across New Zealand from the filming location of Hobbiton in Matamata to the filming location of Mount Doom, Mount Ngauruhoe. They will sleep on the ground, cross rivers, and of course, eat Lembas Bread. Documenting the entire journey on video, the two Rooster Teeth staff will prove that one does simply walk into Mordor.
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RT Life: Miles Gets His 'Tein On
RT Life
How To: Mario Twins
How To with Joel and Adam
Gavin Drinks Fart Coffee
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Red vs. Blue Season 12 Soundtrack Trailer
Red vs. Blue
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Episode 19
Red vs. Blue
On The Spot #10
On The Spot
RT Recap: Voice Swap
RT Recap
Let's Play Minimations #4
Let's Play Minimations
Episode 8
Ten Little Roosters
How To: Drink
How To with Joel and Adam
Happy Hour #13
Happy Hour
Episode 4
X-Ray and Vav
RWBY Volume 2: Chapter 1
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Episode 3
X-Ray and Vav
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Red vs. Blue Season 10 Blu-Ray Red vs. Blue Season 10 Blu-Ray
The Blu-Ray version of Red vs. Blue Season 10!