Episode 4
Tourist Trap
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What ever happened to Tucker's son in one of the earlier seasons Tucker said him and Jr where like ambassadors but was never shown again
34 minutes ago
Jesus, that's Schlock Mercenary levels of callbacks.
6 hours ago
When's the next episode
7 hours ago
What did Caboose say in WingDings?
10 hours ago
soooo....whatever did happen to Jr? I've been trying to remember but blood gulch was so long ago now. If I remember right he got into the same ship flown by Sheila, Andy the bomb who crashed the ship, and Tex when carrying Gamma (who whoever). Ship crashed, tex found dead but what happened to Jr???????
10 hours ago
Cabooses cafettie gun wad great!
The second they were gonna do the episode 1 thing i knew right away, and also knew it being cabbose it will involve church...
Just great!
Also, am i the only one starting to really like Dr. grey?
Shes funny, smart, and has an odd humor... She seems good enough that she might make it through to the end of the season...
11 hours ago
This entire season so far is one of the best story lines that has grasped my undivided attention with fantastic jaw dropping opening and a mysterious start of an adventure that looks like I have to prepare myself for my mind to be blown. TWO THUMBS UP.
13 hours ago
DennisMcDona Sponsor
How doesn't Tucker speak alien? He was the UNSC's alien ambassador along with junior right?

I figured at first he was just hiding it because Doctor Grey would probably try to dissect him, but when "Alien Jesus" started talking to him I figured he'd give up the act or be angry as opposed to confused.
17 hours ago
"Tucker did it!"

For once, Caboose was right!

23 hours ago
they really need to get a key ring
1 day ago
Hmm...I'm not entirely sure how I managed to convince myself that this came out Thursday my time...
Anyway, this was a surprisingly excellent (not surprising that it was excellent, but HOW excellent it was) episode. Callbacks aplom and reality ensues (as well as the surprise appearance of one of my favourite character groups) made this one a plot-favourite for me this season so far. Looking forward to the next one! *party noises*
2 days ago
I watched the blood gulch chronicles to
2 days ago
love this :D
2 days ago
tbrand009 Sponsor
I only know Wingdings... lolol so many good lines in this episode
2 days ago
I feel like I'm the only person here who watched the Blood Gulch Chronicles.
2 days ago
PhilB I am Catbug
so the sword does do more than just go "swish swish stab". also Caboose's confetti shooting gun, who wouldn't want one of those?
2 days ago
The script for this episode is SO GOOD!
2 days ago
somehow i knew tuckers sword would turn the alien weapons back on. i can't to find out who prisoner alpha is
2 days ago
When will we see some fighting actions? (The one where felix fights the gaurds don't count)
2 days ago
TheTactition Sponsor
Loved the script for this episode
"Awwwwww. I don't get it" Ha!
2 days ago

The map on the holographic projection looks a bit familiar... You know at the end of season 10 where the Director is trying to place Flowers and Alpha somewhere? It showed the same map I think. Blood Gulch.

Maybe there's something hidden on Blood Gulch that answers so many questions:
1. Why the sun doesn't set.
2. Why they were all put there.
3. Has Sis turned Blood Gulch into a massive rave?
4. Is Junior on Blood Gulch?

I wish Blood Gulch is back in Red vs Blue... I really do.
2 days ago
Remember... Tuckers sword was a key, and no-one knew to what. The sword was something to do with the aliens religion. But now this building is the lock, so when he swipes the holographic lock... he activates the tech. And I bet big bucks Charon Industries know that the tech is online and they're on their way to retrieve it.
2 days ago
Was that not the alien of season 7?
2 days ago
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2 days ago
I'm liking this season so far. Hilarious and has tons of potential.

"Heat scanners and Google Translate. Nice." - My favourite line. XD
3 days ago
Also The Alien Jesus communicated with Tucker because tucker is part alien.
3 days ago
You know what I think it is?
Tucker's sword is ancient Alain tech, which activated the door.
The lock was a holographic elite, and when Tucker's sword swiped the elite it awakened something within the temple, POSSIBLY sending a message to the aliens in space.
Which means that it's quite possible that well be seeing the covenant this season.
3 days ago
I'm kinda hoping we find out how the sword ended up at Zanzibar in this season. It seems strange that a legendary alien artifact like that would be sitting inside of a hole at a human-built power station, unless it was put there deliberately.
Not sure how though, since it would be impossible for someone to just pick it up and move it there without it locking to them. And I doubt the entire facility was built around the sword.

I'm also wondering if that map is leading Tucker to a person, rather than a place. This entire episode reeks of potential for Junior's inevitable return (even despite the fact that elites aren't playable in Halo 4's multiplayer, which is a gigantic crock of shit).
Maybe Alien Jesus didn't like that Tucker was human, and it's leading him to the only alien that can wield the sword, aka his son, Junior? I dunno. It's all speculation. I don't even know what Junior would be doing on Chorus anyway, or how he would have gotten there at all, so chances are pretty slim that the map is leading to him.

But let's be real here, what are the chances that all this alien stuff ISN'T going to lead up to Junior's return in some fashion? Regardless of the context in which he would appear, I'm thinking the odds are pretty high. Hell, I'd be happy if just his name was mentioned somewhere in the season.
3 days ago
(Confetti rifle🎊🎉🎉🎊) um…… TUKER DID IT
3 days ago
Sigilius Sovereign
"If you hear the voice of alien Jesus, you do NOT respond with 'What's up?'!"

Thanks for the Ghostbusters reference, Sarge.
3 days ago
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