A View Too Many
Presented by GAEMS
Gus confronts Chris about his unusual monitor fixation. GAEMS - making gaming possible where no one else can! Check out bit.ly/1yWR272
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its good to see the RT shorts again, it's been to long.
Now! *clap-clap* Bring out the Strangerhood!
6 hours ago
JonathanHers Sponsor
Heh heh, he pees sitting down
6 hours ago
Silvador Sponsor

What, no Matrix code monitor?
9 hours ago
Genek818 I want in
Maximum productivity
10 hours ago
GAEMS, the company whose product placement tops even Pepsi.
10 hours ago
FiachraB Anthrax
I get that's it's meant to be a short but even then....this was a bit short. I'm actually being serious.Maybe make them longer?
11 hours ago
gus and burnie need to do more letsplays, i really enjoy listening to them
14 hours ago
drtuck Sponsor
This was a cool short. I am well pleased :D
14 hours ago
i think the hidden cam that would rake in the most views would be one in the AH room, but only second to a live feed of dancing Gus.
19 hours ago
haloelite482 GAEMZ Player
thats some good shit
20 hours ago
YoungMonkey ParkourCoach
But what monitor does he use to monitor the monitor that monitors the other monitors? Can't forget about that one.
21 hours ago
TrekonBT Sponsor
How does the Risinger stay pure awesome?
22 hours ago
Does anyone know what monitor that they displayed? I'm looking for a new one.
1 day ago
redguy138 Capt_Korea13
It's funny because this is what monty's desk looks like XD
1 day ago
CaptainAlpha Hero
This was so great, I love these simple ones. And Chris and Gus were great pics. Chris is one of my most respected actors, even when he's playing himself, he's hilarious. And Gus is just, well Gus. There are plenty of better words to describe his awesomeness but I think Gus would approve that there is only one proper adjective for himself; Gus.
1 day ago
AnEnemyAI PAX 2014
Loved it. I've always loved the more basic, office shorts!
1 day ago
Stunning Negative One
He needs a fish tank monitor. Everyone needs a fish tank in their office.
1 day ago
BrianMcMull1 Sponsor
I can relate...
1 day ago
Mekalamag Lemon
Yay! I missed the shorts! :D
1 day ago
GreyGhost90 Angry Beaver
In all honesty that still isnt too many monitors
1 day ago
you cant have to many monitors... I could use like 6-100 more at any given moment
1 day ago
1 day ago
Kaijumaster Sponsor
yay! a return to 'In office' RT Shorts!!!
1 day ago
RomanHeretic Torchwick
That was pretty funny. I hope to see more like this.
1 day ago
sarjaybed Sponsor
[michael voice] GAEMS
1 day ago
That was a tad underwhelming
1 day ago
Chris seems like he's got a pretty solid plan going on.
1 day ago
manderson93 Sponsor
A bit anticlimactic, but entertaining nonetheless.
1 day ago
SpartanSloth DillyFuntcuk
Hooray for RT shorts!
1 day ago
That was Awsome
1 day ago
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