Happy Hour #23
The Pee Bet (Uncensored)
In 2009, Gavin Free and Griffon Ramsey made a stupid bet resulting in the loser having to pee his or her pants and let Geoff Ramsey film it for the trio's old Vimeo account. We present it to you now on Youtube, UNCENSORED for the first time ever!
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Sangjester justnotright
remember only cool kids pee their pants
10 minutes ago
siggma373 Cyber Candy
The moment they said what the bet was, I was like, "Oooooo, Griffon's gonna pee her pants!"
17 minutes ago
This is a video I didn't need to see. Why did I click this video?
18 minutes ago
DanFenwick Sponsor
Just when I thought I couldn't love Griffon anymore.
18 minutes ago
DanFenwick Sponsor
just when I thought I couldn't love Griffon anymore.
19 minutes ago
johnathonw Sponsor
I would ask why don't they just bet money, but reportedly Gavin still owes them rent so that's not happening.
22 minutes ago
Bigflank Sponsor
That was the most uncomfortable RT video I've ever watched. I didn't want to see that. But, like a train wreck, I couldn't look away.
48 minutes ago
shoyle493 Sponsor
someone somewhere just creamed there pants watching this... goddammit society...
2 hours ago
FR66 Sponsor
Been waiting 6 years for this to be uncensored. So happy
2 hours ago
Joee human person
I remember watching this YEARS ago! So good to see some of these old vids resurfacing
3 hours ago
LiamCombes Sponsor
i didn't feel right watching this... gonna go take a shower
3 hours ago
suicidebyart Not A Dalek
Another reason to love Griffon. Doesn't welch on her bets!
4 hours ago
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4 hours ago
PorkBacon Sponsor
I would be lucky to have a daughter half as cute as Millie
4 hours ago
tessat8080 Huntsman
oh my god Millie was so adorable. I wonder if she realizes how awesomely crazy her parents are.
4 hours ago
AlexLim Sponsor
Relationship goals right here
4 hours ago
angelonhel ImAngel
Ha Gross
4 hours ago
In a world scared of being seen doing weird stuff on the internet the Ramseys stand fearlessly, ready to make comedy gold...
4 hours ago
darkgaara736 mattyou
Did not think when I woke up today that I was gonna watch someone piss there pants but hey here I am .
5 hours ago
LPPrince Sponsor
This should be uploaded to Pornhub
5 hours ago
trueblueoval roll out
Wait! This isn't pornhub
5 hours ago
Aww, that kiss at the end...
5 hours ago
mortalbound Sponsor
The most worrisome thing about getting to these super early.

...Nobody's warning me about anything.
5 hours ago
DestinedFire Writer
That......was a thing.

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5 hours ago
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