Episode 18
Fed vs. New
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maffiahunter Sponsor
Tucker better not die!!!
4 minutes ago
Orbaku Keybearer
That was so beautiful. It just amazes me every episode how far this series has come and it is still so freakin good
5 minutes ago
JUPITER_314 Sponsor
Oh shit... shit just went down! cant wait for the next ep!! (Hope Tucker makes it!!)
8 minutes ago
I'm betting doc will bring UNSC officials to Chorus to arrest Control.
9 minutes ago
KittyMew532 Sponsor
"Aim for the jugular!"
"The jugular!"
"Punch him in the goddamn throat!"
"Well why didn't you just say so?"
I love doctor Grey... also what was the battle scene song? It was kinda fun to listen to along with all the action....
13 minutes ago
X8DiAMOND8X Sponsor
The majority of the animations were done to perfection in this episode!
50 minutes ago
@Dalsh hmm, that's funny, because York, South, Sister, Tex, and S.H.I.E.L.A were all main characters, and they all died. I think it's obvious to all of us that Wash'll live, he was beaten up pretty badly, but he'll live, but Tucker was stabbed, right in the gut, and the only way we'll know if he'll survive or not is to wait for the next episode. Just because someone is a main character, doesn't mean that they can't die, it happens in quite a few movies and tv shows, whos to say it won't happen in RVB. And if it does happen... Then there'll be devestation through out the fandom and the show. But just remember this... With every loss, there is a gain.
1 hour ago
I bet next week is the last episode. So before it ends, Church would've deciphered the manifest the same time Locust and Felix contact Control, showing us who Control is.
1 hour ago
He was a good man,Poor tucker,Carolina should just use the healing unit like wash did to caboose.
1 hour ago
doggiepowers Sponsor
whoa.. that was deep man.
1 hour ago
I am sooo glad that these two antagonists were created!! They seem to be the perfect 'unbeatable fighting team' that the heroes will aspire to beat.I honestly hated the whole overpowered girls theme from the last seasons sorry to say it...
1 hour ago
HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!
1 hour ago
Will tucker die 😪😪
1 hour ago
It Would Be So Beautiful if They Posted 2 Episodes Week And They Were Like 22 Minutes Long !
1 hour ago
Great episode. Animation I will agree could be better, but Monty is busy with RWBY, which is also a great series. I think the fighting style is now more realistic. Also, Tex and Meta... Give up on them people, I know you're fans, but the Director accepted Tex is gone and won't make another one, and Meta is definitely dead. Also Tucker and Wash aren't dead because they are main characters so don't worry.
1 hour ago
Britt_H Sponsor
Probably way out there with this theory, but I get the feeling that's Wash in Locus' armor, what with all of that happening offscreen.
1 hour ago
ReceptiveRat ucanhazmyOJ
I hate to say it, but that's not Carolina, that's a pussy in Carolina's armor
2 hours ago
Okay spoilers but you can read this after you seen the episode That scene where Felix was confessing was done beautifully, as throughout the series Felix was boasting about himself. And it shows that all Felix was trying to do was break Tucker's moral and kill him afterwards, but he didn't learn that if he does monologue's like this that he will find some way to escape. And THAT is explained as Locus just kills the guy, so the fact that they explain WHY that Felix did pretty much a confession by using previous episodes is absolutely amazing and very smart.
2 hours ago
6:55 Washington "It's not a car, it's a cliff" Haha you crack me up XD
2 hours ago
Jesus Christ that had some plot twist and to add it up with I bet next will be them taking down Felix, Locus, and Control plus with that "Ooooh somebody just got fucking busted" that was fucking funny
2 hours ago
Shermonruler Sponsor
well cack
2 hours ago

And Grey is cute when she cheers ^^
2 hours ago
KittyMew532 Sponsor
OMG.... I literally used up pretty much every emotion in my body in 15 minutes. I almost died when Tucker was stabbed. But dialogue was written so well, and the plot twists were so unexpected, and the fact they made such an amazing plan, and how the fight scene was so amazingly animated and created so that it was bad-ass and funny at the same time, and how the entire thing was so beautifully and amazingly written, had me on edge with excitement the entire time was F'ing awesome. Got to say though, RT sure does love their cliff-hangers... Tucker better not die!!!!! I CANNOT wait till Monday... well played RT. Well Played.
2 hours ago
You know? Tucker could've won his little fight against Felix since he had Church on him, but I guess it was for the best Tucker lost and got stabbed on purpose against Felix that way his ego would've gone out of control like last time, so both sides of Chorus found out the truth.
2 hours ago
I see Monty didnt do the animation this season, but still, this was awesome!
Good job guys
2 hours ago
Maine is control!
2 hours ago
MANGAKrAfter Sponsor
2 hours ago
musicisum405 Huntress
I don't think they would just kill Tucker. Even if it is a lethal wound, Tucker's got Epsilon with him now, so he can run the healing unit on his armor... In either case, this was the best episode of RvB to date! The action, the dialogue, the writing, the plot twists, all of it was incredible!

My only complaint is I would've liked to see Church involved in the fight more, as he was in the episode with Carolina in the security room. He's my favorite character (and a bit of a badass now).

I neeeed to see Felix and Locus again next season, they're such great antagonists, and I need to know who Control is. When Felix stabbed Tucker ??!! I lost my mind!

Gaahhh, I can't wait for next week!!
2 hours ago
Raptor77 Sponsor
I wonder if Maine will ever come back and kick some more ass. It's possible he lived I hope. I just had a thought of how great it would have been if he showed up and destroyed Locus and Felix. Can only dream.
2 hours ago
I think Locus will help the Reds and Blues. Just pure speculation, but I think Wash got to him and he assures us "it'll all be over soon." That, in my opinion would be the most unexpected twist.
3 hours ago
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