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Smash Tournament
Round 1
Miles, Lindsay, Matt and Gus face off in the first round of The Rooster Teeth Inter-Office Super Smash Brothers Tournament of Champions, on the Wii U, with Prizes?!
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Xblaud Sponsor
As it has been stated, please do not do commentary and let us just listen to what the players are saying during the game because it literally contributes nothing
23 minutes ago
HoshouKami Leeeoooooo
Was rooting for lindsay but...I'm okay with miles. But man was the commentating worthless, I'd rather have gus angrily swearing the whole time.
1 hour ago
RolandSchl10 Sponsor
Get rid of the commentators -.- I have nothing against Josh, Jeremy or Kyle, but I wanted to hear the comments from the guys who were actually playing...
9 hours ago
Ampblaze Sponsor
I would have loved to see Gus messing with everyone. It needs to have a live video in the corner.
13 hours ago
QueenCLora shiba queen
Yes! Miles! I was rooting for either him or Lindsay. I thought Matt would've won though.

But Gus, let us down.
15 hours ago
liquidcase Sponsor
Odd... Miles plays Samus like I do.
16 hours ago
Thursday0901 Sponsor
Does anyone know if everyone is playing random characters or if they're choosing?
19 hours ago
Thursday0901 Sponsor
Yes Miles!! Definitely repping you in this tournament!
19 hours ago
TintheKnight Sponsor
Samus, all day! :D
21 hours ago
NealMcNeal TheRealDeal
Miles totally wrecked shop in this!
1 day ago
Rook13 Sponsor
2:00 Best moment of the game.
1 day ago
cool74 Sponsor
Nice job to everyone playing especially the winner.
1 day ago
metrodome25 Sponsor
what a waste of a sponsor cut video, I'm sick of these short videos make 40-60 minute videos
1 day ago
Jath0311 Rail Tracer
I always hated playing against Samus, this video just reminded me why! xD

1 day ago
Kalathanon Leviathan
These are great, next match please.
1 day ago
Deafdragon Sponsor
So happy to be a sponsor. Congratulations Miles!!! But I would have been fine with anyone in this group moving on. Gus demonstrated decent mechanics for someone who legitimately hates the game. poor toon links....
1 day ago
countrygold hodgepodge
Ok I have one thing to say meteor smashes people. They are devastating.
1 day ago
nerzull588 Sponsor
Emergency 24 hour live stream fundraiser meeting to be held in the chat room in exactly 2 hours from what ever your current time is now. meeting in 2 hours. kicking off event in 5. SPREAD THE WORD
1 day ago
NixieShimo Black Kitten
Holy Crap! I wanted Miles to win it but I honestly didn't think he'd beat Matt. Congrats to Miles and to Lindsay for coming in second in this round.
1 day ago
lunamadre Sponsor
That's my boy! Team Miles!
1 day ago
Arkatox Sponsor
I am loving this tournament. A lot.
1 day ago
chaos9469 Sponsor
Miles representing Samus well! Honestly didn't think he'd do so well
1 day ago
Antioxidant Sponsor
That was a nice finish Miles!
1 day ago
jspang Sponsor
I kinda like this format. Obviously, those playing are going to be relatively quiet as this is actually more serious than regular let's plays, and the commentary given by those who aren't playing is pretty damn funny. That said, I do love hearing random exclamations from the background, especially Miles as he gets increasingly flustered.
1 day ago
CWG4BF Infamous 535
What was with the audio? I couldn't track any of it....
1 day ago
lukeglover80 RT is Great
haha the first thing Gus says: "Fuck this game". First thing Matt says is: "fuck you" (to Jeremy). :P
1 day ago
Jimminy Jillikers
wow that was TENSE...also i thought i would never say this but IN YOUR FACE GUS thats what you get for mocking the name of smash bros!
1 day ago
death390 Sponsor
omg XD nerds rope, THE worst candy out there XD XD XD XD
1 day ago
reedjos08 Obie Trice
Hey, just a personal gripe. I would rather hear the other players than the commentary, so if you have to have it, can it be at a lower level?
1 day ago
AndyF SmshSptlght
Jeez, What tournaments did Matt play in where he was able to buy a car?
1 day ago
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