RWBY Volume 2, Chapter 11
No Brakes
Team RWBY is back and ready for their second semester at Beacon, an academy that trains the world’s strongest fighters. But real life doesn’t stop. Between classes and homework, they still have to find time to save the world. And between the White Fang, Roman Torchwick, and a mysterious new trio, they certainly have their work cut out for them!
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5 minutes ago
Omfg it's coming out tonight 😊😊😍😍
6 minutes ago
When does episode 12 come out like Im getting frustrated
14 minutes ago
I think there needs to be a male Blake that is a canine fauna that falls for Ruby yet Weiss starts to crush on but he ends up with Yang
50 minutes ago
GetWRexed96 Sponsor
Blake from the future
4 hours ago
I loved the Final Fantasy References with Angelo Cannon, Weiss' Haste Spell, And the Sorceress Edea mask and similar outfit. keep it up RT love seeing the Easter eggs and if the combat in the next ep is like it was on this 1 it will be the best ever!
5 hours ago
Venofer Sponsor
Im glad that RT doesn't employ a cliche narrative or overused character archetypes that plague most Japanese anime today. Though there are some similarities here and there but they add their own flare. That's why RT is so successful.
9 hours ago
I want a dog like that...
14 hours ago
Summer rose?
17 hours ago
sorry if that gif is choppy was over 1400 frames lol
19 hours ago
The player sucks ass... I pause the video come back and cannot play file? Honestly it does this even when I do the most simple things...
19 hours ago
So... this is easily the best fight sequence since Players and Pieces.
19 hours ago
Well it's finally the right time to say this.

Brace yourself, Thursday is coming
20 hours ago
Alright I know we all think that she is Summer Rose...but I have another theory. Check out her necklace and then look at Neo's necklace, they look exactly the same. Plus Neo looked afraid/unnerved by her, as if they already knew each other. Just sayin :)
21 hours ago
Karasu0 Sponsor
I don't know why but I think neo's semblance might have something to do with mirrors. Although that's just speculation
21 hours ago
I have never seen a Swordsman/woman take on a chainsaw wielder in any anime or tv show in my life. I never thought a clash between the two weapon holders would look so damn badass! Just a free flowing fight I could of watched it for ages.

Also, this red woman has a badass red sword its too cool!
21 hours ago
Fn hate auto correct X-RAY AND VAV.
21 hours ago
Fourth time I've watched this one, still love the bad ass gal at the end, scared the shit outta Neo who ever she is. Hope it's either Rubys mother, or Blake from the future. Tomorrow nights season finale should be great. Looking forward to X-Ray and Cab. Oh by the way, Radtke, this is Rooster Teeth, not You Tube, you can swear all you fucking want, the staff does.
21 hours ago
KittyMew532 Sponsor
1 day ago
Did anyone catch the "X-Ray and Vav" trailer at the end of this episode?
1 day ago
Dude i'm surprised at the end that no military unit came to defend the hole in the wall against the grim. If i was a charactor in this series i would be a military scout assualt person who hates the general for what he did in the past. That would be me at least
1 day ago
radter Sponsor
Awesome episode & the fight scenes are getting more badass. I like Barbara's pun when Yang says "I guess this is what we trained for" while on a train. Judging by the summer scene on the mystery lady's rose colored combat uniform, I'm gonna say it's Summer Rose. After seeing Neo's reaction to her, it's also safe to say that she's part of the White Fang leadership, probably undercover. Yang's mom may also be undercover but so deep that it's not safe for them to meet yet. The little tidbits & subtle hints we're getting about certain yet-to-be-revealed story elements remind me of ABC's Alias but thankfully RWBY is not nearly as convoluted.

I wonder if Joel was going around the RT office saying in his Dr, Oobleck voice: I have had it with these mother-f**king Fang on this mother-f**king train! Yeah, I know, Boooooooo!
1 day ago
So, I noticed that some people are disappointed with the blake/roman fight. To be honest, I was not. Roman was sort of a glass cannon, and blake was way faster than him. The fight just shows this.
1 day ago
@GeneGenesis I hope we get to see Ruby's dad as well! XD
1 day ago
@blaze1514 Try the RWBY WIKI and have fun ^^
1 day ago
How do you all know the Pink chicks name already? I always feel so out of the loop.
1 day ago
Well then Guess their first mission didn't end in quite a success, seeing as how two girls were defeated and the grimm were released into the city. Oh and Vasto Lordes Confirmed maybe??
1 day ago
I hope we get to see crow soon
1 day ago
Uhh, why can't Thursday get here any sooner
1 day ago
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