Episode 8
Test Your Might
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Aqua113 Sponsor
Caboose has the uncanny ability to make friends with people nobody else could. He befriended a tank, a bomb, an alien, Freckles and now an ancient Sangheili AI.
10 minutes ago
TimJAC Sponsor
I literally cannot breath right now.
48 minutes ago
GoofOff Sponsor
i called it last week, caboose as the true warrior, but i was still pleasantly pleased to see who the true warrior was, also, tex was a low blow, please bring her back :(
50 minutes ago
dark_soul_11 Sponsor
every week these episodes get better and better. i dont know how you guys do it but that was fucking awesome!! please never stop
1 hour ago
delobe Sponsor
Does Joel actually do the voice for Homestar Wunnah?
1 hour ago
BBAGuyver01 Sponsor
Well.....that happened. Guess "Santa" doesn't know about the Ctrl+F+U command.
2 hours ago
rem234 Sponsor
/facepalm that was amazing and very funny... dear god. SANTA...
2 hours ago
RomanHeretic Torchwick
2 hours ago
Huskar_94 GoodGuyGamer
2 hours ago
Diggs13 Pianist
Comedy was on point this episode!
3 hours ago
3 hours ago
MarksNutt I miss Monty
Surprise cameo!

Caboose is awesome!
3 hours ago
Blue_Cheeter Sponsor
3 hours ago
Brainslush Sponsor
First Freckles, now Santa? Where will he stop?
3 hours ago
McDom GGG Muhahaha
3 hours ago
Jack666Smith Clauiex
3 hours ago
ReedSmith Lucky
So when are we getting a Santa shirt?
4 hours ago
ShadowTemp47 Random D20
God damn it Caboose...

Anyways, I enjoyed this incredibly it was a nice throwback to season 3.
4 hours ago
TypicalCyan RIP Monty
This episode had me crying from laughter.
4 hours ago
T_Cole Sponsor
Did anybody call this immediately when it said "true warrior" in the last episode? Nevertheless, I nearly died of laughter at the 10x gravity line.
4 hours ago
SR71A LV Wheelman
I went to the cages yesterday...im laughing so hard with stretched muscles...I regret nothing XD
4 hours ago
Amania MadGenius
5 hours ago
StAnger11727 Avid Badass
5 hours ago
AaronRex Scarface
I had a feeling this was gonna happen. Great episode!
5 hours ago
JakeyXR Sponsor
One of the best episodes ever, of all time.
6 hours ago
Ignisha Sponsor
Santa? Santa!? SANTA!!??

That may be the best name ever.
Of all time.
Very good job, Caboose. You just made Christmas come early.
6 hours ago
mainegor Sponsor
That Carolina test was way too obvious. We all knew that was going to happen. However it's nice to meet santa.
6 hours ago
OnechiTee Gold Star
So, whats the final battle going to be like?

Santa and Locus OR Felix in that Meta armour vs Carolina and Epsilon?
Something crazy like that?
6 hours ago
Daks Jersey Devil
Well that explains where hargrove will be getting his ai
6 hours ago
camulous1986 Mustache
Caboose. Called it! I love this show
6 hours ago
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