Car Wash Recap
Week of March 22nd
Chris, Brandon and Aaron clean cars and recap you on all of this week's RT videos.
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Cmon' Brandon show more skin.
1 day ago
kiraraneko Sponsor
Absolutely the best recap ever
1 day ago
The best part of the video was when the girls rocked up in the car after that it went to hell
2 days ago
Washmadness Sponsor
my female alter-ego is screaming "YES YES YES!!!!" while my my male normal-ego is screaming "OH GAWD WHY, MY EYES!!!!!! THEY BURN AND I CAN'T STOP WATCHING!!!!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH, I DON'T WANT MY EYES ANY MORE!!!!!!!!!!"
5 days ago
anshuman Sponsor
Some buddy gouge out my eyes
5 days ago
ChadCanale Sponsor
My eyes!
5 days ago
these recaps are just so good
5 days ago
Kettelino Miau
Why is it so hot in here?
5 days ago
Is it bad that I am aroused by the funhaus guys? Bruce and James are some good looking dudes.....especially James........did I mention I like James........a lot.......not in a "I wanna have sex with him way".........strictly platonic.
6 days ago
MakkeKaryumo Sponsor
The Funhaus guys could get it. Just throwing that out there

Post edited 3/23/15 1:51AM
6 days ago
donovanyng2 BlindedLight
Meh. Needs more Gus.
6 days ago
did bmw approve of you guys getting your grubby bodies all over the car meant for slowmo guys
6 days ago
So hot. (No Homo)
6 days ago
canadaman13 Sponsor
wtf did i just watch?! *spongebob fish voice* "MY EYES! MY EYES!"
6 days ago
BricBrac Eagle Scout
Don't know whig was more disturbing... This or the 50 Shades of Gray one.... O_O
6 days ago
Lyokoisgreat Sponsor
i think i need to burn out my eyes now after seeing that but if i do then how will i watch Red vs Blue and their other shows?
6 days ago
I see this then lookout my window at the cold Canadian snow. Happy first week of spring to me... If you guys have want to be thankful for anything look up New Brunswick weather forecast.
6 days ago
How to Get a Boner 101 XD
6 days ago
Twobit_ Rae Bae
Meg's faux-pout in the beginning cracked me up. You silly bunch of people <3
6 days ago
m1ssberyl Sponsor
only thing that would've made this better was kyle there too!! hahaha
6 days ago
freeshirts slim shady
there's nothin' better than this
6 days ago
Zola282828 Sponsor
My EYES!!!!!
6 days ago
lukeglover80 RT is Great
That was seriously messed up lol Ashley, Meg and Barb should have been in the car the whole time haha
6 days ago
Nogisaka Sponsor
I'm surprised that Blaine wasn't in this recap.
6 days ago
DonutxDude Scottish
I think I'll join you little_mixer! Oh la la!

I'll also gouge my eyes out! Haha epic recap!
6 days ago
little_mixer Sponsor
Excuse me while I go take a cold shower...oh my ;) ;P
6 days ago
assassinx07 TheTuntLife
My eyes
6 days ago
jujumurh Sponsor
I'm uncomfortable watching this, but I can't look away.
6 days ago
tessat8080 Sponsor
I can't stop laughing
6 days ago
This is going to be a new weekly show on its own, right? You can't just do one and done
6 days ago
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