RT Recap: The Meta Recap
Week of October 19th
This week, we recap you on the recap's recaps, recapping the recaps of the recap's recap.
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IndiaRT28 Story Writer
Well this is one really nutty Recap. Nicely done.
16 hours ago
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17 hours ago
TheRageLad VIP
Creative and amazing. There's two- no three word to describe this.
18 hours ago
Agent Maine, isn't that the recap that shot you in the throat? SICKUM!
18 hours ago
Bradon acted like I would think Brandon would act to that he was a super confused idiot
21 hours ago
Hemckc lol
21 hours ago
gamenut_1 Techromancer
I wonder when we are getting the "Meta" meta recap.


Sigma: "I believe my friend is telling you to watch this weeks things to do....I wouldn't disappoint him."
22 hours ago
DarrenTan Sponsor
cool recap haha
1 day ago
Triggerblade Sponsor
my favorite part was the Recap's recap's recap of the last recap
1 day ago
Dinosaurs don't get meta...
1 day ago
Kiwi RT Scientist
Absolutely my favorite Recap yet! You guys rock!
1 day ago
I can't watch the vid because there's so much meta fog...
1 day ago
BloodSkullz Death
That was ingenious. Until Brandon's part. Then it just fell apart.
1 day ago
KieferS KieferFace
I feel exactly like how Brandon does. Just, more often.. :/
1 day ago
Yo Dawg... I heard you like Recaps...
1 day ago
Meta as fuck.
1 day ago
Jimminy Jillikers
Er....uh....brain go bye bye....
1 day ago
That was a lot of reCAPS... get it, like caps lock? okay bye.
1 day ago
unboundhal Sponsor
That's a misleading title, I was hoping for a recap hosted by Maine
1 day ago
Even going ' Meta ' you guys keep it inventive. Good work, keep it up!
1 day ago
Hunter04 Hunt
I don't know what just happened.
1 day ago
NealMcNeal TheRealDeal
My head hurts. Haha!
1 day ago
GreyGhost90 Angry Beaver
In all honesty Brandon made the most sense out of all of them.
1 day ago
BobMcGeeSr Sponsor
I need a recap of that last one, Recap^5 ... It was too long so I didn't follow. What happened in it?
1 day ago
pressrt Sponsor
Heard you guys were running out of recap ideas well all you need to think is pirates.
1 day ago
pinoyguy75 The RTV
I've really enjoyed Blaine being head of the recaps. They've all been pretty good and this one is funny. Recap.
1 day ago
YooniqueKwon Kamen Rider
1 day ago
SigmaWarrior Sponsor
Not gonna lie, saw the title, half-expected the Meta to show up
1 day ago
jmb83 Sponsor
So the Recaps past the first one were sponsored by the various shows. Ok.
Also, @DavidIsles why would Maine use Omega only? He was most associated with Sigma. Although, if they were to use Maine, they could have each of the various AI's doing each segment. That would be kinda cool.
1 day ago
DrpTheBass BraedenAdams
That end song though, pretty good
1 day ago
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