Macrowave Time Machine
Chris inadvertently creates a time machine and wrecks history. You can pre-order Wolfenstein: The New Order here.
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WolfandAngel Sponsor
so why is this blocked in germany....
9 minutes ago
Silvador Sponsor
"Close enough." That moment when you just don't give a fuck anymore. XD
36 minutes ago
isbacken God slayer
fucking love this
41 minutes ago
killerrin Sponsor
Amazing, I've always preferred this style of RT shorts
58 minutes ago
How is this Video not available in Germany? It says "The user did not make it available in my country" Fucking Youtube... Can someone fix this?
1 hour ago
jVictor Maximum Edgy
German Kara is best Kara.
1 hour ago
Cheyne88 Sponsor
Wow! Amazing. Easily one of the best RT Shorts ever!
1 hour ago
DonutxDude Scottish
Amazing. We need more of the sexy Chris Demaris.
2 hours ago
WhiskyOmega Sponsor
This is one of the better RT Shorts I've seen in a while...was that Gus' tablet on that droid?
2 hours ago
Tcreavis Sponsor
Fucking awesome! Finally something in the classic soul of RT shorts.
2 hours ago
DrpTheBass BraedenAdams
This is how sponsoring should be done. Great way to promote the new Wolfenstein game. Much better than the Scion, and Dr Pepper bits
2 hours ago
mar33n Supreme
Really? You made this not available in my country? Booo, it has Germans in it. I deserve to view this :(
2 hours ago
aquatucker Sponsor
This may be my favorite RT Short to date. That was amazing. The United States... of Mexico hard me rolling. And I must say, Kara looked truly stunningl in that outfit. She is a beautiful woman :)
2 hours ago
Nickvk9 Lord
Least favorite short.
2 hours ago
HighAry Sponsor
I really want Brandon's "Flux Blender 2.0" to send him into the future.
3 hours ago
JackisWINNIN Sponsor
They finally used those Nazi flags they talked about in the podcast
3 hours ago
PsycoJoe Bring It

If Kara ever attends Oktoberfest, wearing a dirndle, she should also be carrying upwards of 30 cans of mace.
3 hours ago
buske17 Sponsor
Yes! I feel like this has more of the spirit of classic RT shorts and I love it!
3 hours ago
heh warm sacks
3 hours ago
I love how the thumbnail makes it look like Chris is looking right at Kara's chest. Great vid also. Seriously funny stuff, like always.
3 hours ago
HCastle23 Ghost
My mind has been blown. Well done boys and girls, well done
3 hours ago
poor chris having to barf that many times in the name of science
3 hours ago
Darthrugg Multi Clip
Warm Sacks. AND HENCE FORTH: Hot Pockets were called Warm Sacks.
3 hours ago
pantro1014 Sponsor
4 hours ago
Cove in space
What? No, Joel as Hitler?
4 hours ago
NobleYork NobleYork
Just realized what RT video Jessica Nigri got the German outfit from.... Soooo do I win?
4 hours ago
Great short so funny and so very redickulous!!
4 hours ago
stmayfield No Problem
I love it.
4 hours ago
SilverDust Sponsor
Best short in a while! Rediculous and well made!
4 hours ago
Overtoad Scout
Funniest short in a really long time. One of the most impressively done as well! ¡Mas props, amigos!
4 hours ago
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