RWBY Volume 2: Chapter 1
Best Day Ever
Team RWBY is back and ready for their second semester at Beacon, an academy that trains the world’s strongest fighters. But real life doesn’t stop. Between classes and homework, they still have to find time to save the world. And between the White Fang, Roman Torchwick, and a mysterious new trio, they certainly have their work cut out for them!
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AlexSpeckman KerbalGunner
This episode gives new meaning to the phrase food fight
1 minute ago
is anyone else wondering where that swordfish @ 7:48 came from?
7 minutes ago
Shout out to the old RT intro, that man humming it in the library cx
9 minutes ago
The vending machine for grape soda said people like grapes. Lol
11 minutes ago
Emerald's hair animation was so smooth I fucking slipped on it
12 minutes ago
Jono_e87 Sponsor
Volume 2 has definitely kicked off with a Yang. Looking forward to the rest!
13 minutes ago
MatchWinner Sass Master
udder destruction
13 minutes ago
I think he was a cat.
What like a puma?
It could only have been better if someone said they thought it was a chupa something.
29 minutes ago
Surprised nobody noticed Ruby was pointing her finger Phoenix Wright esque as she was declaring food war (Oh, look at that. Made another RT reference on accident there.) Fucking loving it, Monty, Miles and Kerry.
36 minutes ago
I normally don't do this and i don't feel like digging through the comments to see if anyone else noticed it. At 8:32 Ren looked like he was clipping into the floor after Yang slammed him to the ground.
40 minutes ago
Amazing start of the Volume! God that food fight was so awesome~!
42 minutes ago
dam rubys speed was at overkill lvls Blakes gonna have fun trying to match that speed.
46 minutes ago
4 words...
50 minutes ago
Sporeking97 Sponsor
Loved the Nixon reference XD
50 minutes ago
This episode to awesome.

I noticed the RvB refrence. "What like a puma." Lol
1 hour ago
audioofbeing The Florist
I'd always thought that the best food fight onscreen was from the comedy classic "It Takes Two"

Man, was I wrong.

Fantastic way to start off volume two, guys. It looks gorgeous.
1 hour ago
Best... food fight.... ever.... of all time.
1 hour ago
YAY!!!! I am so happy this show is back! I can't wait for the next eps!
1 hour ago
This had to be the most epic food fight I've ever seen. Puts all of my past ones to shame. Haha! And when I heard the puma joke, I couldn't stop laughing. I can't wait for the rest of the season. The settings are amazing, the extras have faces! Everything is just getting better and better. I know it's going to be a great season. Time to watch it again!
1 hour ago
There are no words to describe the level of awsome just witnessed.
1 hour ago
No better way to kick it off with a bang I really enjoyed it
1 hour ago
This is going to be an amazing season.
1 hour ago
This episode started season 2 with a bang. From the references to old videos from Rooster Teeth and the music of the season 1 trailers being fused together in the only fight sequence in the episode lets the viewers know that the show has just begun and will only get better as time goes on. Monty Oum really out done himself with the creation of this series. Hats off to the the entire RWBY Cast and Crew. Keep the episodes coming.
1 hour ago
I've watched this waaaaay too many times now. I just want to say that the voice acting in this season is awesome, I love whose voice is paired with who (Sun's lines are golden, and I really love Emerald). And the facial expressions...!!! Don't even get me started! This is really an awesome show, and it's only the first episode! (of Volume 2, anyway)

I just really, really love RWBY. Like, Monty, Miles, Kerry, the entire cast and crew, you guys have outdone yourselves.
1 hour ago
watching it for 5th time. :3
1 hour ago
My new favorite Red vs Blue joke isn't in Red vs Blue.
1 hour ago
Watching some of the more serious characters have a food fight was amazing. This episode is genius !
1 hour ago
That feeling you get in your spine when shit is going down and you're hyped.
I had that.
1 hour ago
Ruby literally team wiped all of team JNPR in one
1 hour ago
2xDouble Sponsor
Ruby wants to start off with a bang,
Yang wants to start off with the gang,
Blake wants to start off with her Fang,
and Weiss wants to start off without Yang.

Did I get that right?
1 hour ago
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