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Sponsor Cut: Moving Day
Kyle and Miles pack up RvB to head to Stage 5, meanwhile Michael and Gavin have an early morning discussion on the set of Immersion Fruit Ninja.
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Sponsor Cut: Moving Day
Sponsor Cut: Cards Against Humanity
Sponsor Cut: Journal Entry 003
Sponsor Cut: Journal Entry 002
Sponsor Cut: Journal Entry 001
AH Game Night Live
Filmed on March 21, 2014
Quick Draw with Patrick!
Featuring Barbara
Behind the Scenes: Surgeons in Space Poster
Quick Draw with Patrick!
Featuring Kerry
AH Game Night Live
Full Play Stream Pt.2
Sponsor Cut
Full Play Stream Pt.1
Sponsor Cut
Rooster Teeth Newly Wed Game
Sponsor Cut
Quick Draw with Patrick!
Featuring Miles
AH Game Night Live
Sponsor Cut: MoCap with Shane
Sponsor Cut: Barb's Q and A
Sponsor Cut: Cameras
Max Capacity
Extended Sponsor Cut
Pokemon vs. Gus & Burnie
Missing Questions
Joel and Matt go to the Opera (Extended Cut w/ Alternate Ending)
Past Cast: History Blogs of YesterYear
Bob Dylan (Sponsors Only)
Chris vs. Sports (Sponsor Cut)
What you don't know
Eggnog Extended Cut
Sponsor Only
Rage Quit Gets Ketchuped
Sponsor Extended Cut
God Save the Brit
Extended Sponsor Cut
Zombie Headshots: Director Commentary
Sponsor Only
Side Scroller: Director Commentary
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The Video Game Car: Director Commentary
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Taste Test
Behind The Scenes: Zombie
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8 Bit Interview Extended Cut
Homeless Man with Golden Voice
Radio is Theater of the Mind
Dead Birds Falling From Sky?
Sky News: Mysterious Avian Deaths
Farewell - Extended Sponsor Cut
Let's do this again sometime.
Kerry Comes Out of the Closet
Breaking News
Pongo Bonus Scene
A sponsor-only Pongo special
Episode 100 Alternate Ending C
Why Were We Here?
Episode 100 Alternate Ending B
Why Were We Here?
TRL Video
Red vs Blue on MTV
Season 1
Episode 1 - Behind the Scenes
Getting Ready
Behind RT Shorts: Gratuities Are Appreciated
Video Commentary
Behind RT Shorts: Warning / Error
Behind the Scenes
Behind RT Shorts: Lunch Bunch
Goofs and Behind the Scenes Footage!
Spoiler Alert - Extended Version
Don't give away the ending.
The Recording Session - Extended Version
In the box with Shannon McCormick.
Episode 3 Super Stuff Cut
Episode 1 Dynamic Cut
Episode 45.9 (Special Sponsor Video)
The Greatest Episode Ever
Episode 31 Deleted Scene
Sarge Ep 28 Outtakes
Red vs. Blue Season 10 Blu-Ray Red vs. Blue Season 10 Blu-Ray
The Blu-Ray version of Red vs. Blue Season 10!