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26 year-old female from Hudson, NC
I am a writer. I write almost everything you can think of, except for nonfiction books. i do write fiction, fantasy, poetry, essays, plays, and i do so love to write poetry stories.

also i love to act, dance, sing, draw, and just about every form of art that will in no way benefit me financially unless i become famous.

And I love to think. About everything. I am interested in politics (although I wish for an intervention to free me from my political-minded-self).

And I want to leave this state. Hell, I just want to leave the southeast.
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Name Courtney
Occupation Starving Artist / Thinker
Birthday April 9th, 1989
Interests Writing.(anything)...reading...singing...dancing...movies...filming...photography...drawing...myspace...video games..."Heroes"...throwing parties...Sum 41...Linkin Park...Gorillaz...any *good* rock music...guitar...drums...keyboard...yeah i cant really think of much else.
Music Sum 41 Gorillaz and Linkin Park are my faves. I also enjoy Sublime The White Stripes Aerosmith Killers Nickelback The Shins RHCP Nirvana Metallica Green Day Puddle of Mudd Evanescence Weezer Panic! At the Disco Rob Zombie Good Charlotte Avril Lavigne Disturbed Jack Johnson Seether Godsmack Staind Coldplay and pretty much any good rock music.
Movies TRANSFORMERS V for Vendetta Boondock Saints The Prestige The Departed Little Miss Sunshine Phantom of the Opera Ultraviolet Rent Elizabethtown Pride & Prejudice Blow (Johnny Depp...) Kingdom of Heaven Practical Magic Equilibrium Pirates of the Carribean Star Wars movies Harry Potter movies both Resident Evil movies (they kick ass!!) Behind Enemy Lines From Hell (Johnny Depp...) Lord of the Rings The Longest Yard Saw/2 The Haunting the Wizard of Oz The Adventures of Robin Hood My Fair Lady Armegeddon Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Interview with the Vampire Shaun of the Dead Dawn of the Dead other zombie movies. im a movie freak.
TV Shows Heroes and Pushing Daisies and Big Brother and King of Queens and Coupling ... and of course South Park
Books Ender's Game is the best (as well as all the other Ender books) Pillars of the Earth The Mists of Avalon The Count of Monte Cristo The Catcher in the Rye The Mayor of Casterbridge Tess of the D'Urbervilles Frankenstein 1984 Lord of the Flies (poor Ralph) Xenocide Speaker for the Dead Ender's Shadow Shadow of the Hegemon Shadow Puppets Shadow of the Giant Enchantment basically anything by Orson Scott Card (my ALL TIME FAVORITE AUTHOR) Divine Secrets of the Yaya Sisterhood The Great Gatsby Of Mice and Men Interview with the Vampire Lord of the Rings Chronicles of Narnia (all of them) Harry Potter Earthsea books and A Farewell to Arms Xanth books. Hooray for books.