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Rooster Teeth Chronicles Questionnaire"I've taken off my makeup. Now let's see if you can take off yours."

—Who was your favorite character based on a real person? (i.e. Burnie, Griffon)
—Who was your favorite character not based on a real person? (i.e. Berenice, RTGeek)
—Who was your favorite main character? (from Rooster Teeth or Donkey Pit)
—Who was your favorite minor character? (everyone else)
—What was your favorite alternate version of a character? (i.e. GusBus, Geoff-Scrooge)
—What was your favorite one comic, if any?
—What was your favorite saga?
—What was your favorite PSA?
—What was your favorite PSA series? (The De-Modding, E3, A Christmas Carol, It's A Wonderful Life)
—What was your favorite major event? (i.e. Geoff & Griffon's wedding, Burnie & Berenice breaking up)
—Any other comments?

By the time you find this I will have left. I will finally have logged off never to log on again.


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