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29 year-old male from Huntsville, AL
Me in a nutshell: I'm a nerd. I love games and everything about them. Extensions of said nerdiness: my master chief armor i've been working on, my kingdom hearts tattoo, all the weird gamer swag i've collected, and the fact that I want to design a few games myself.
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depressed :(Ever since coming back from the awesome event, I have been the most depressed person ever. I enjoyed Austin so much. The people were awesome. The events were a blast. Sixth Street was amazing. This stupid town has got nothing worthwhile to enjoy. The people suck. It's a complete shit-hole and I'm so ready to leave. My goal is to leave this wretched town 3 years from August once I'm finished with school. Two options from there: try to get a job right away as a game designer or go to Florida and complete my Master's program and start out at a higher position. Either way...3 years...that's my goal. No more bull-shit.......and McNuggets.
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Name Alex Melton
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