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19 year-old female from South Australia
Hello everyone my name is Ashley and im church epics cousin, he asked my brother jack (dragonborn22) to join than, i watched him join, and he said that our cousin was on this, and we live far away from each other. So i joined, anough about them lets talk about me. Im in grade 12 in high school. im Extreamly popular at my high school and everyone respects me even the teachers. I have a very good body i love skyrim and it sounds like im boasting! and this site looks cool. :) And i could use some more friends, random ones as well. And im very nice girl to talk to, so come chat with me.
thanks for listining sweeties!
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fight! fight! fight! fight!well as you can see on the title.....i got in a fight.
this girl was jelo beacuse all the girls at my school think i was the best and lots of the guys ask me out, getting back to the story..she went up and tryed to pull my hair and sammie smashed her aross the face and she spat out blood and everyone told me to get out of here and then,,that girl bit my finger and scrached my face.
And i got back up and everyone wanted to get her and i said "no!" i walked up to her and did a mighty puch and she fell down the stairs and broker her nose and she was bleeding.
ans i said "suck shit bitch!" and since the principal thought i was in the right i got off free.
now everyone thinks im cooler.

thanks for listening...please comment!
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