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30 year-old male from Lubbock, TX
Working for a University 8-5 as an accountant during the week, getting pretty good at it too. However I'm looking forward to going back to grad school in the next year. Gotta start working on grad school tests... :(

Nights and weekends I'm pretty laid back when I'm not busy with church/Mormon stuffs. I consider myself to be a casual gamer and focus mainly on PC games these days. I play indoor soccer and love watching Soccer Games both in the states and across the pond.
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Die MannschaftEvery 4 years, it's like Christmas for me as the World Cup happens. 32 'A' Class teams playing top-notch Football, until there is only 1. The team that I've followed since the mid 90's has been Die Mannschaft, or Deutschland.

Currently they're kicking off their opening match against Portugal, or Ronaldo & 10 others...

Should be a good match!!
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