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36 year-old female from Chicago, IL

Hear me sing from my recital on May 4, 2004:
Il Bacio- Luigi Arditi
Flow My Tears-John Dowland
Rencontre- Faure
Lachen un Weinen- Schubert

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UpdateHey all! It's been a crazy few months so I apologize for the lack of communication. Primarily, my job stopped internet access so I can't get online during the day which is when most of you have seen me on.

First off, I got two more awards so yay for me. Met and Matt and Kathleen again at GenCon and they are awesome and I hear they gave awards to anyone who showed up. That's my only RvB Related news.

I've been asked on to do a rewrite of a new RPG called Second Patriot, which is a table top game. It's produced by Dytic Game Studios. We had a booth at GenCon. If you saw it, I apologize. :) The guy who owns Dytic didn't put much thought into the booth but I helped him out to make it look better. Hopefully by GenCon next year, the product and the booth will look much better.

On writing news, my editor asked me to rewrite my book. I'm in the middle of it and it's a bitch. But hey....not everything is perfect. We;re in the middle of picking a title. If all goes well, you will see my book on shelves within a year. Hurray!

For those who have been following my sordid love life, I'm single again. Typical.

Lastly, I've been playing a ton of poker lately. In fact, I'm leaving in a few minutes for a tournament. I'm up at Chicago Poker News for being one of the top female players in Chicago. Which I'm very happy about. I've placed in the final 3 for the past 3 tournaments for the 2006 Grand Championship. Doing well at the casino and online too.

You all take care and I'll update as my life further progresses.
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