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27 year-old male from Oklahoma City, OK

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hello again everyoneagain just to prove im not 6ft under
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Name Scott
Occupation artist, gamer(age:23)
Birthday June 18th, 1987
Interests Red vs blue Halo related stuff furries and yiffyness and checking out new ANIME and the popular online comic twokinds and WereWorld also Las Lindas
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Music Anime rock Classical Halo Pink Floyd and E.L.O. Kamelot
Movies Starwars Gundam BABYLON5 starship troopers and Red Vs Blue and G-Savior(alive action gundam movie)
TV Shows Gundam00 Fullmetal Alchemist Trigun and ROBOT CHICKEN last but not least SOUTH PARK also Scryed Ghost in the shell S.A.C Evangelion
Books Halo Harry Potter Eragon song in the silence harpy thyme