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I Should Pay AttentionJust a quick observation these past few months. As you may or may not know I always have problems sparking a discussion or even worst keeping a conversation going to the people I have interest in establishing social connections. I always thought there's just nothing else to talk about (awkward silence sets in) after I converse with new people and so they pull out their phones and into the abyss my essential connection goes.

But recently I've actually been very successful meeting new people which is a first in my 2.5years at Uni. I noticed that by relentlessly asking questions about them I will try to find something in common until I hit a jackpot. Apparently if you ask the right questions people love to talk about themselves. The conundrum is that I always wanted everyone to be direct and concise. So I end up missing details that could have potentially expanded a conversation. Also I observed I need to tone down my aggressive stance that forces people to get to the point I want.

Next I always expected people to be as smart or better than me, which leads to a bit of a disappointing outcome on my part if my expectations are not met. You'll be amazed that I kept that assumption until someone pointed it to me that it's severely flawed. I always stuck to my "I have everything to gain nothing to lose" attitude, which I use to learn from people I perceive to be smarter than me. Probably not the best idea to stick to, nevertheless I should not be setting preconceived bars on people I have not even met.

So with those changes in mind I actually managed to have a more sustainable friendships with new people around me and I hope to improve it further in the coming months/years ahead. So if you have any feedback on how you go about meeting new people I'm more than willing to listen......
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