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3 years of Planning Becomes a RealityI've been fairly quiet lately, to be honest I was super busy at school these past few days. But this morning while checking my e-mail I received a letter from Montreal. They've selected me to study at their beloved institution this Fall. I never thought it was going to happen and this project was such a long shot in the beginning I pretty much expected it to fail a few months ago. Although I wasn't going to quit at something I wanted to do since I got out of high school, and I came too far to back down now.

So I broke the planning down in a few pieces. Firstly I had to find some money, so I was forced to leave the comfortable job I had. Along with the many friends I made there since I started high school. They pretty much treated me as family cause it was a small supermarket and everybody knew everyone even some of frequent customers. But the shifts numbers was too low so I was forced to work somewhere else. If you followed my previous journals, I used to be a photo developer within a corporate discount store. The pay there was high and the shift numbers was overwhelming, so I worked and worked until I had enough. Both the customers and staff really ummm.... well let's just say there's always some disputes almost everyday. Well anyways after a year I left the job cause it took a dent on my GPA, I was working even during the exam period. Also I had the money I needed and pretty much just spent a portion of my earnings on food. So since end of last year I managed to recover my GPA to an outstanding level. I was actually shocked, I never thought I'll average at 90+% in 3 subjects. Usually I only get 70%-75% so leaving my work to go study did pay off.

Lastly I derive my optimism from you community! 3years we've been together but I'm still a bit reluctant to open up my profile. Although once I start at Montreal in August, I'll try and take as many photos as possible and post my best ones up here. Also I'll make more of an ...
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