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Let's give it a chanceSo exactly this time yesterday I woke up, to Matt's Journal then a few minutes later I scrolled up to see Burnie's Journal. To be honest I was so stunned that our beloved community has now been acquired, so for the next 12hours of yesterday I closed all the RT tabs which was the first time in 2 years. Pondered why RT will give up it's independence to be part of a Majority stake firm and planned my exit strategy from RT . But I knew I'll never be able to resist going back and I should investigate further why the acquisition was necessary.

So instead of studying, I realized after talking to the community and reading the mixed reactions of people's journals that you can call Matt and Burnie anything you want, internet personalities, producers, content creators. It still doesn't hide the fact they are managers in a privately owned company,which their main objective is to secure the interest of their respective stakeholders and meet certain set goals. It's not all that bad, however they could have handled it a bit better but then again it was 7am in the morning when I read the news hahaha..

We may not know what these goals and objectives are or for that matter the true intention of this acquisition. However for now at least, everything will remain the same and I have full confidence in Matt & Burnie's leadership. The only thing that has changed is that RT is no longer fully independent, suffice to say the world is constantly changing and we will be forced to adapt one way or the other. Independence was a concept I valued the most but this shows even those who are truly independent may need assistance from time to time.

For now I'll like to see what happens in the medium term and after deciding to almost rip out the Churchism and Grifism posters yesterday, I think they'll stay in my wall posted proudly for more years to come. So let's give this new "partnership" a chance and see what new RT content will be produced in the future. I am cautiously optimistic there will be benefits from this "partnership" with Fullscreen.
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