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"There's a very fine line between not listening and not caring, I would like to think that I walk that line every day of my life"
- Private Leonard L. Church, Blue Army

"We're off to kick the Collectors right in their daddy-bags"
- Kenneth Donnelly, Mass Effect 2

"I like to expect the worst. There's a small chance I'll be pleasantly surprised"
- Garrus Vakarian, Mass Effect 2
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aww102 SayWhatNow
SWN?! Podcast Ep. 123

It's the same cast for the second week running for episode 123 as @Accipita, @Milky1985 and I again wondering why Jared Leto is so creepy, looingk over the Mass Effect 4 info leak and bringing up a niche superhero film that came out this week.

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