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i have more game then wil wheaton...

first things first, but not necessarily in that order...
i <3 dr who....

its just a fucking goat rodeo, hehehe...

Currently Playing: unpack the apt! it is multiplayer! anyone wanna "play"???
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woot woot promotion!woot woot! i got a promotion bitches ^_^!!!

i am the new operations site manager for the washington and south dakota lotteries.

i have been at it for a few weeks now. was a very interesting start. i signed the papers on a fri only to be told that the washington lottery guy and security will be in town on monday and both my audits start soon 0_o. i think i am finally finding my groove, havent had a major fuck up yet so that is a plus ^_^.

oh, so, during sxsw, there was a nerdy burlesque show that had one of the most absolutely creepiest and mesmerizing dance i have ever seen. the gal was dressed as a nurse from silent hill, had the sharp and quick body movements and yet just flowed. i recommend everyone to see it! the great part is, they are going to start to do it once a month, and i will let everyone know once the shows start up in austin ^_^. would love to get as many people out as possible to these shows bc these girls rock.

alright, well, i need foods. i am going to try and get on more (yes yes i know, i say that often) bc i really miss all you crazy fuckers ^_^.

loves ^_^ <3
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