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The Constant Suffering AKA LifeWelcome to existence. Life seems really depressing sometimes. Although there are times when it has it's moments.... but in most cases it really does suck. Although I'm speaking about life negitively here, I believe that it is truely a great thing. Life is a gift not to be wasted. That being said, without faith or the belief in anything, an individual is in fact damning themselves to a painful existence of constant depression. The only seemingly viable solution to this equation, would be to drown your sorrow with substance abuse.

Oh, and do I have a Substance for you to abuse. One of the greatest things in life, or so I believe, is having the ability to play Video-games. When I'm feeling a little edgy, or what-not, I grab a game and blow the crap out of something. With this outlet, I get an overwelming high of mutilating a virtual person. Hooray for digital entertainment. With thus being said I must reply to a friend's Journal Entry directed at me.

Earthbound.... I didn't said I wouldn't play it because it has Mr. Saturn in it. In fact, Mr. Saturn is Really Cool. I said I wouldn't play it, cause I really don't like RPGs that much. heh...

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