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27 year-old female from Grand Forks, ND
I like hanging out with my friends when there is time, I love playing video games mainly first person shooter, and some halo. I havent had time to play in a while im either at work or school. Sleep Whats that?
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Yeah I'm finally home, I went on vacation that was really shitty week. My mother and grandmother thought it was a great idea to take the snake a phobe to Reptile Gardens where there is a 30 foot boa and 20 foot anaconda. Which isn't cool by time i left there I was ready to kill the whole snake population not that i wasn't ready to do that before. So yeah I'm home and glade to be on flat land again.
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Name Melissa
Occupation I work at a gas station and student
Birthday May 18th, 1988
Interests anime music reading gaming
Music rap and country i know its an odd mixture but it works
Movies red vs blue season one and two 300 and any horror movie
TV Shows Dont really have one anymore i still like Family Guy and Furtrarma and some others
Books Gameinformer and anything by Laurell K Hamiltion