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19 year-old male from Oregon, IL
Welcome to my profile! I love to draw and sketch and anything to do with computers and i game on any platform. I am currently serving my country and going through my technical training. I write a bit to pass the time when I am not studying or training.

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A afternoon of frustration.So I had five interviews starting around midday today. I was really pump for it, and had prepared myself all morning. So I applied at three different Gamestop's(I had to sell my soul on that one.) Two of them I had a follow up interview, I had a lot of competition for the job. One of them they outright said I wasn't qualified, when I was the only one who knows any kind of damn about coding or programming, but whatever. I asked their manager if I could speak with him, but they employee kept getting in my face, saying they would keep getting on file. I started to get frustrated, and said some words to the man in my "intimidating manner" where he started to get a uneasy look on his face. So he finally called the manager over, and I had a pleasant conversation with him. He actually explained the situation to me so I could understand that they had an overabundance of applicants and that the reason why I would not be interviewed because I didn't have prior experience in the game sales area. So I thought fair enough, and walked out to my next interview. I am just going to say, whatever you do, don't interview at a fast food place. So not worth it. So I had another at Olive Garden, and am waiting at my follow up interview. After I walk out of Olive Garden, someone politely threatened me saying I shouldn't try and go to the next interview or they would hurt me. He tried to be all big and bad. Showing me a little dinky .38 special. I give him a look and call him a dumbass for threatening me. He gets all angry and places a hand on his gun. I am not about that kind of hostility, and like any other registered conceal-carry member in Illinois, I pull out my M&P .40 Shield. He gets scared and I tell him to set the pistol down and sit on the curb. A cop sees this all go down and rolls up. Low and behold we are both detained because of Illinois' Draconian gun laws. But whatever, so that was my shitty day.

I hope the rest of you guys had a better one so goodnight!
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