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18 year-old male from Oregon, IL
Welcome to my profile! I love to draw and sketch and anything to do with computers and i game on any platform. I am currently serving my country and going through my technical training. I write a bit to pass the time when I am not studying or training.

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Snapchat: gallardo115

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A afternoon of frustration.So I had five interviews starting around midday today. I was really pump for it, and had prepared myself all morning. So I applied at three different Gamestop's(I had to sell my soul on that one.) Two of them I had a follow up interview, I had a lot of competition for the job. One of them they outright said I wasn't qualified, when I was the only one who knows any kind of damn about coding or programming, but whatever. I asked their manager if I could speak with him, but they employee kept getting in my face, saying they would keep getting on file. I started to get frustrated, and said some words to the man in my "intimidating manner" where he started to get a uneasy look...
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Name Adam
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