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School's out!.. In about two weeks.. -.-There's a lot of people asking where I am, because I disappeared from the site for a while, and I apologize. I've been so busy with all of my school work and trying to get them credits, and keep my grades up. I've been doing a lot of community work (weird i know because I'm a bitch who only cares about herself). I've also been focusing on my new relationship (yes someone actually can stand to be around me for long periods of time.. I know right!?!) I'm now on instagram people! I actually joined a social media site! I figured a site with all pictures can't cause drama.. Well I was wrong but I'm obsessed with something called selfies. I love taking pictures of myself. Anyway, summer vacation is coming up soon. I get out of school on June 20th, and hopefully I'll be on here a lot more often and be able to message you guys more often! Thanks for caring about my disappearance!
In other news! I'm also moving! When I move, hopefully i'll be able to buy myself a new xbox one. We're gonna have a lot more money when we move. I'm already up to $125 saved for a new xbox. There was like 300... But... A girls gotta shop.. So yeah. Oh yeah! And I'm gonna be a bridesmaid in a wedding! So I have to drop them pounds, work the clock and earn dat cash and keep school, personal and gaming life active.. SO wish me luck bitches!! XP
And my instagram name is katyyyie Follow me! I follow back! I mean.. if the gaming community has been introduced to instagram :P
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