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35 year-old from The far side of nowhere
I stumbled into Red vs Blue when my friend showed me a clip. Ever sense then I have been hooked. (Seriously I hardly watch T.V. anymore I just watch Red Vs Blue and play games.)
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Guild WarsSo I gave up playing World of Warcraft sometime in May. I had mixed reasons, the biggest one being not having internet when I went home for the summer, however the monthly fee really nagged at me. Meanwhile, my fiance really enjoys WoW, but again the monthly fee causes us to be speculative.

So I haven't played Guild Wars, but I was wondering what you people thought about it? What's good about it? What does it have that WoW doesn't? What's bad about it?
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Name BadKarma
Occupation A lowly student *sniff*
Birthday April 19th, 1980
Interests Video games girls and beer (the three together are awsome) travel scuba diving shooting acting camping hunting down trespassers on Eric's property airsoft rock climbing shocking smurfs more beer watching good movies killing zombies listening to peoples problems giving advice "shoot the head" more Red Vs Blue...etc. Just ask ok?
Music I like a lot of stuff. It depends on my mood. I'm liking the 311 love song which I'm sure everyone is sick of by now. I like U2 Velvet Revolver Radiohead Garbage movie soundtracks etc.
Movies 28 Days Later The Professional Star Wars LOTR War Movies = Black Hawk Down Band of Brothers Tears of the Sun etc. Romance comedies are ok too.
TV Shows Red Vs Blue.....when Fox finally accepts terms of agreement. LOL J/K. I don't like watching T.V. really. There's so much crap on. I do like Family Guy the History Channel (Mail Call etc. all the cool shows) I'd rather read or play a game then watch T.V. to be honest with you. I get board to fast.