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BaghdadBean Wrench Wench
46 year-old female from Scio, OR
Powered by cappuccino. Grumpy, gimpy old broad. One of Seven. Ancient Warrior of B.net. Guardian. Enforcer. Geeky shepherdess. Champion of Dobermans.

NO RANDOM FRIEND REQUESTS ACCEPTED. I've met nearly every single person on my list. The rest of them have interacted with me, usually for years. So please, be personable, hit watch, post, comment, bitch, rant, whatever. Let me get to know you.

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BaghdadBean Wrench Wench
Just another day catching rainbows on the ranch.
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Name Bean
Occupation Retired Army wench. Don't bother me kiddo, I'm drinking.
Interests Surviving the next 5 minutes my kid mountain biking horses Dobermans photography anything that surprises me Gin High end liquor of various ilks Marine biology landscape ecology ethnobotany reef aquariums wildlife rehabilitation predatory animals herpetology (snakes) home canning homesteading horses (did I say that already?) finding solutions to unexpected problems turning wrenches old Harley's 1940's clothing and decor antique hunting organic farming picking apart everything I see (hello LFTO) and just generally anything under the sun complex and mechanical will catch my fancy.
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Music DI Black Flag Eyabay Bauhaus Pantera Evil Mothers Agatsuma Porcupine Singers Poe Billie Holiday Dr. John Lead Belly Pigface Pie Tasters Skankin Pickle Fela Kuti Beth Orton Libby Kirkpatrick Crass Las Ketchups The Reverend Horton Heat My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult; too many more to mention
Movies Empire of the Sun Repo Man A History of Violence Water King of Masks Medicine River Powwow Highway Dr Strangelove: Or How I Learned To Love The Bomb Singing in the Rain City of Lost Children Ghost in the Shell Grave of the Fireflies Run Lola Run Origin: Spirts of the Past A Boy and His Dog Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Skins Heavy Metal Star Wars (the original trilogy) Nightmare Before Christmas
TV Shows The Addams Family The Simpsons The Last Exile Avatar: the Last Airbender Wolf's Rain Gilgamesh the rest sucks
Books Dhalgren by Samuel R Delany Dune by Frank Herbert The Dosadi Experiment by Frank Herbert anything by Walter Mosley Joseph Wambaugh R.A. Lafferty Roger Zelazny C.J. Cherryh and Samuel R. Delany. Most any military sci-fi written with an actual plot instead of nonstop gratuitous violence.
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