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20 year-old female from 440!
i <3 scrambled eggs on toast! :D
I'm Nori or Baka.
15; November 9th.
I'm a junior.
I'm japanese-american.
I was in born in Japan and lived there until I was 5.
I love meeting new people.
I get along with everyone as best as I can.
I love texting;
Always chillin' with friends; Walking around.
Music is life; Always gotta have my iPod playing!
Well, wanna know more; Comment me and ask.
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Random Journal!!?!lol Yes! It's a random journal because nothing is really happening on here atm probl y becasue Naomi is 't on her that much lol okay! so, random subject...What song are you playing or whwat song do you have stuck in your head!
My answer is Ridin' Solo by Jason Derulo for song I got stuck in my head and I'm playing Tik Tok by Ke$ha. lol yo udon't have to answer both but i decided to! =P So answer away! I wanna know and I'm al bit bored lol
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Name Nori
Occupation offical m&m's taster :) :)
Birthday November 9th, 1994
Interests Meeting New People Partying!!! Ummm Having Fun Texting.DUR! Dancing! SINGING! Taking pictures!
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Movies Twilight Mean Girls Kangaroo Jack The Hangover Hot rod Kill Bill Final Fantasy Finding Nemo Lion King The Notebook Dear John