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25 year-old male from Redmond,WA
I'm a laid back grump at times, I enjoy gaming and watching TV but I also enjoy good friends and a great time! I adore loyalty among friends and despise hypocrisy the most! My favorite shows involve giant mecha, super heroes of all walks of life, and just plain lunacy!
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Pokemon and how I'm part of the reason it won't die.So with pokemon ORAS almost a week away, I've been finding myself getting more and more giddy about returning to my favorite region. I've been playing the special demo almost non stop since I got it and when I do I get overcome by these memories of playing Ruby and Sapphire when I was younger. I get all excited about Team Magma and Aqua again (TEAM MAGMA FOR LIFE!) I get giddy of the thought of diving again! Yeah think about that...Diving! It's back baby! I get excited over the thought of making a cool secret base! Earlier this week I explained this excitement to a friend and he pointed out that I'm possibly one of the reasons Pokemon and by association Nintendo will never die. Heck I already pre-paid my preorders for both versions of the game almost entirely through trade ins of games I don't play anymore! With that I've paid nintendo about 80 bucks again, given them their yearly deposit so I can get my yearly pokemon fix. So when I think about it, my buddy is right! I'm part of the reason pokemon will never die! I hope this lasts till my grave!
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