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24 year-old male from Redmond,WA
I am a really laid back nice person and i enjoy listening to music watching movies anime and playing one of my many awesome games :)
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Welcome Back SonicSo i got sonic 4 a few days ago and so far i really like it, it does feel alittle like a rehash of the old sonic games' levels but i really don't care its good and thats all that matters to me. if you were thinking of getting this nice title its on Xbox live arcade, PS3, wiiware and iPhone. get it its great. :D
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Name Noah
Occupation Nintendo Game tester
Interests Playing games listening to music and hanging with friends.
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Music almost anything
Movies Gundam Wing Endless Waltz Ironman 1&2 Airplane! and Kiki's Delivery service.
TV Shows All Gundam series except Turn A gundam All the brave series especially Yuusha-oh GaoGaiGar most Kamen Rider series Scrubs The Daily show with Jon Stewart Eureka and Warehouse 13
Books Anything by Tom Clancy and the halo series