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26 year-old male from Whitby, Ontario
A video-game playing, sci-fi watching, comic book reading, all around, geek, who has seen Star Wars, read Harry Potter, and read comic books just a LITTLE too much. Wait... is that even possible? No. I didn't think so.

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FTL: Faster Than LightI know I may be getting into this game fairly late, but seriously?! I made it to the end, to face the final ship, only to die horribly in the second fight with it.

This is after an insane amount of tries just getting to said ending boss.

Oh well, a local games store is having a Mario Kart Double Dash tournament next weekend. The amount of hours I spent in that game getting the perfect time, learning the shortcuts, best places for boosts, best ways to drift each corner, MASTERING the beginning boost timing, is craziness. It all finally will pay off. lol
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