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Batpez whaaaaat
31 year-old male from AURELIUM NOVUM, LOVISIANA
I'm a college grad who works at a bookstore... yeah, life's a bitch.

send any requests for masks to [email protected], unless I have a permanent record I will forget you asked.
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Batpez whaaaaat
selling off dvdsI have some dvd's I'm selling off:
Pirates 2
ALF animated adventures
A History of Violence
Suicide Kings
Pale Rider
Princess Bride
Watchmen (directors cut)
Watchmen (motion comic)
Speed Racer vol 1 (11 ep)
Greatest American Hero season 1

Psych season 2
Psych season 3
How I Met Your Mother season 1
How I met your mother season 2
Big Bang Theory season 1
Big Bang Theory season 2
Big Bang Theory season 3
Big Bang Theory season 4
Chuck season 1
Chuck season 2
Chuck season 3
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Name John
Occupation Bookstore bitch, mask-painter
Birthday July 29th, 1983
Interests I collect PEZ watch movies make movies cannibalism I read... etc. SCA Rapier fighting
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Music I must be old... I listen to NPR and classic rock!
Movies often described as anything "old foreign or odd"
TV Shows Stargates Pretender M*A*S*H* The Muppet Show Get Smart ALF etc.
Books I read Tolkien Douglas Adams Bulgakov Homer...