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26 year-old male from Luton, England

"Sir, Permision to leave the station..?"

"On what grounds Chief?

"to give the Covenant back their bomb"


"No no he cant do it he's a pussyfest.."

"You mean Pasifist.."

"i'snt that something babies such on?"

"no dude thats a pedophile"
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German JokeThis German bloke comes over to England and decides to get a hooker,
so he finds one pulls over and says he would like to pay for her services
but he tells her that he wants do do a couple things differently,
she says well ok what are they,
"first," he says "i want to do you from behind.. you on your knees",
"well thats normal" she says,
"yes but i want you on four springs.. one for each hand and one for each knee",
she says "well ok",
so he says "but, i want to shove a rubber duck in your ass when we do it"
she says "meh why not"
so they have sex like this ,and its amazing, she cums better than she ever has before, and after she says: "Fucking hell, that was amazing! How'd you do it?" and he says,
"Its the Four-Sprung-Duck-Technique"
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