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24 year-old male from Nova Scotia, Canada
Gamer, geek, and 1st year animation student.

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beefiesttaco The Beefiest
My Practice InterviewSo I had to do a demo reel to showcase some of the stuff I did this year in my animation class, along with a mock/practice interview to simulate a real interview.

The demo reel was really easy to make, just grabbed some of the work I was most proud of and put it together in Premiere along with some nice chip-tune music (Which you couldn't hear because the speakers weren't working). I tried to put some of my Flash animations in but Premiere wouldn't accept them, not sure why though.

The interview went well enough, played my demo reel for two of my teachers that where there and answered a few questions. I was a little nervous, but not nearly as bad as when I did that presentation. I did kind of screw up when one of my teachers answered the door. I had an introduction ready, but one of my teachers addressed me casually and it threw me off (it was a mock interview and I wasn't expecting her to do that). I wasn't sure if I should have done the intro or not. Me and my stupid head, hahahaha. Other than that things went smoothly, I think.
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