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24 year-old female from Phelan, CA
ok so what?? i am not really 16...guess how old i am....you have guessed it...9!!!!lol~!~!I like to ride horses,and play on my game cube...eveno I never get to play it!!!
me and my bro and my sis fight all the time. and i love to fight and play....lol.... i also love to annoy my sister and take her cell phone... she is Roo12 yea i love her... and my big brother is MonkeBob... yea he is ok... what can i say. he is my brother...i love him...(yea right)lol
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MY SHOKING EXPEIRINCEOn 11-19-06 I was on my way with my sister, brother, dad, and i went to go see happy feet. We were on are way just driving along, when a old man pulls right up in front of us, and BOOM! we hitim' . so, my sister called my mom and at first my mom couldn't understand her, the second time she did! My mom rushed out of the house. when i flew forward my dad broke a littel bone stoping me from fliing out of the windshield at the time, i was'nt wearing a seat belt,... only my brother was..and he's...well he's...17 i know bad me!!! then my brother said
"That was so cool!!!"
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Name madisyn
Occupation yea right i wish i had a job!!!!
Birthday July 23rd, 1990
Music hard core contry rock rock and thats all.
Movies final destination 3 underworld van helsing final destination 2 final destination andmore that I can not think of.
TV Shows I DONT WATCH T.V. I WATCH MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Books I hate books more than anything in the world.... BOOKS ARE FOR HOMOS!!!!!!!!!