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19 year-old male from Bothell, WA or Ellensburg, Wa, whichever
Not much to say... Except I'm also a member of the dept. of Chupology, and I have a deviantart account. mjfsl427.deviantart.com
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Bensonator Red Mask
So I confronted my room mate...But I went to the RA first because from my experience, people who say stuff like that won't stop. I didn't think talking to him directly was a solution. She talked to him and when he got back, he said he didn't really mean that stuff, but I don't really think that excuses it. And he also said I shoulda talked to him. Maybe, but he was still bypassing what I said to him about how I wasn't sure talking to him directly was a solution. I apologized for that, and well... He didn't apologize.

I have a way of telling assholes that I think works pretty well. A person who admits he coulda done something better, even when he won the argument is a nice, reasonable person, a...
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