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19 year-old male from Bothell, WA or Ellensburg, Wa, whichever
Not much to say... Except I'm also a member of the dept. of Chupology, and I have a deviantart account. mjfsl427.deviantart.com
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I'm broke...I had to pay out the ass for my text books this year... I dont care how you justify it, $350 for 3 books is robbery, and I heard of someone who paid over 300 for 1 book. WTF...

So now I have virtually no money... Yes my folks essentially paid for all my food already at the college, but that is college food. Shitty stuff to choke down... And now I have to wait till the 10th to be able to get some real food, and to do anything fun, or buy the next red hood and the outlaws book that's coming out.

Which brings me to my second point... We get paid on the 10th and 25th of every month, and I know 3 days was too soon to start paying me, but that job is just madness, and the first two days were th...
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