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19 year-old male from Bothell, Wa or Ellensburg, Wa, whichever
Not much to say... Except I'm also a member of the dept. of Chupology, and I have a deviantart account. mjfsl427.deviantart.com
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Bensonator The Breach
Guess I might as wellI've been at grandpa mike's since thursday evening. The drive was smooth, relaxing, quiet. Uncle and I dont talk much, we just do fun things together, and that's all I need :)

I got to their hometown, Windthrop, and we had dinner at their favorite mexican restaurant.

The day after that, not much. We got their garbage ready to be taken to the dump. They dont have garbage trucks, you see. Then I helped my uncle measure the speed of certain bullets from certain companies with a chronagraph. The lighting didnt help.

The day after, Uncle and I brought their garbage to the dump, then shovelled two metrick fucktons of snow off their patio. My backs still sore. But then I gave his 22 cal...
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