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19 year-old male from Bothell, WA
Not much to say... Except I'm also a member of the dept. of Chupology, and I have a deviantart account. mjfsl427.deviantart.com
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I'm bored, so I thought, "What the hell?"So overall, lots of things going on with grandparents. It pretty much started with my grandpa's death last year. You already know of the grandma who died and we didnt find out till weeks later... And in the recent days...

One was moved to a nursing home for alzheimers. When we came to visit, we got 5 or more suicide threats. So emotionally taxing... And getting rid of all the stuff in her former apartment. How does one person have so much crap??? It was hard on my back, calfs, and fingers. All that furniture...

And it didnt end there either. I spent a day with my aunty and her boyfriend, moving lots of shit into his apartment. The couch was especially hard. 3 days of moving heavy shit dow...
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