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Another 3 years since the last time I actually visited this site. Going through listening to all the podcasts and loving all the letplays over the last good year and a half I thought I might as well get back on here.

I'm very tempted at just wiping all old journal entries though... high school carries dark times....
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Name bez
Occupation Still mooching off parents :P
Birthday August 4th, 1989
Interests Ok I'm only 17 on a site for RvB why should I even remotely think you would care about what I like and dont like
Music my favorite kind is that made not by fucked up pop idols or rap either than that I shouldn't have to care or tell you guys anymore that isn't nessisary
Movies I don't really care about movies in the end they all usually suck in there own way
TV Shows I enjoy anime more than anything if you suggest it I would be glad to watch it as long as you give me a good enough reason and you warn me of any nudity... I already had that problem with Shuffle thanks to a friend... but anyways here is what I have watched or currently watching: Fate/Stay Night Eureka Seven Fullmetal Alchemist Inuyasha Naruto Bleach Shuffle Death Note Yakitate Japan!! Detective Conan. I might have more but meh this is my most current watched is watching list. Feel free to suggest anything.
Books Books are food for thought and like food it can be shit or it could be the greatest thing ever.