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24 year-old male from Location Location
I design, and hopefully soon sell, shirts centered around fitness and geeky stuff.


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bfro90 FancyBrandon
Chat Poem 9I'm not sure if this will be the last chat poem I post but as most of the once regular contributors of RoomforWriters haven't been present in almost a year, it well may be. So, as it seems that dawn has set on an era, I'd just like to offer the following, if this is truly the end.

I remember when this room,
Used to be so alive.
And friends would all gather,
To chat in it every night.
They would laugh, and they would cry,
And they would share in the joy,
Of having other writers,
For whom they could employ,
To edit and critique,
Their creations anew.
Oh I remember when,
There was such life in this room.
But now it's vacant corners,
Offer only memory of chats gone by.
And it's dusty, ...
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