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Male, White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, Capitalist Pig, Right-Wing Nut-Case, clinging to my guns and religion.


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As twilight is about to break on September 16th, 2014 it would seem that today is a day unremarkable. But a little over 200 years ago a lawyer by the name of Francis Scott Key boarded a British flag ship with the goal of negotiating the release of American prisoners from British captivity. Key and a partner, John Stuart Skinner, were detained on a British Flag Ship, and while in captivity, witnessed the attack on Fort McHenry in Baltimore. As dawn broke on September 14th, 1814, Key witnessed the raising of an American Flag that signified the victory of Fort McHenry over British attack. Inspired by the victory, Key began to write a poem about the conflict. At twilight on September 16, Key and...
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