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34 year-old female from Hillsboro, OR
I'm a girl. I have girl parts. I have a great sense of humor, I'm a singer, a writer, a painter and a dancer.I have a fan group!

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Winner!Someone actually participated in a raffle, and as a result they were the winner! Congrats to @JoeyMoller for winning three months of Loot Crate! Thank you, also, for your generous donation.

The next raffle item is a copy of Kingsman: The Secret Service on bluray. You can own it for as little as $1! $1 donation = 1 raffle ticket.

I will announce the winner on July 8th before 8pm PST (9pm Mountain, 10pm Central, 11pm Eastern).

To enter just donate to my fundraiser, and then message me to let me know how much of your donation (how many $1s) you want to go toward this raffle.

I will also be doing a livestream on Friday starting at 3pm PST (4pm Mountain, 5pm Central, 6pm Eastern) where I will be trying to beat every campaign on L4D and L4D2 on expert. I will also be giving away prizes to viewers who donate during the livestream.

Soon I will be auctioning off a Grifisms posters signed by RT staff members including the late great Monty Oum. I will post this on eBay soon, and will link to it on here. Every penny raised will go to my fundraiser.

Look for some awesome stuff to be auctioned off in the coming weeks.

<3 Willow
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Name Willow
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Birthday March 26th, 1981
Interests Movies Music Singing Reading Writing History Science Television nature animals tattoos piercings and experiencing all that life has to offer.
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Music late 50s (when Elvis hit the scene) 60s 70s 80s and 90s. Mostly 60s and 70s. Especially Styx Led Zeppelin Chicago Fleetwood Mac Lynard Skynard The Eagles CCR Three Dog Night The Doors and Styx (I know I said them twice but I REALLY like them)
Movies The Godfather Scarface Blade Runner Pearl Harbor Children of Men The Boondock Saints The Lord of the Rings Trilogy The Harry Potter movies Romeo & Juliet (Yes the Leo version) Titanic (bite me) Batman Begins The Crow Princess Bride Every Kevin Smith movie Trainspotting The Prestige Cleopatra (with Elizabeth Taylor) The Ten Commandments (with Charlton Heston may he rest in peace) Serenity Troy Alexander (Any Rome Greece or Egypt history related film is loved by me) War of the Worlds (the Tom Cruise one) Dawn of the Dead The Howling The Shining (the new version) Planet of the Apes (both versions) The Towering Inferno The Omega Man I Am Legend The Mist Cloverfield Atonement The Departed man I could do this all day. Oh any Hitchcock and any Stanley Kubrick film.
TV Shows BtVS Angel Firefly Bones CSI (Vegas) L&O (all of them) Ghost Whisperer Medium Lost Heroes Survivor The Amazing Race The Biggest Loser How I Met Your Mother Two &; a Half Men The Big Bang Theory Moonlight South Park Drawn Together Simpsons King of the Hill Family Guy American Dad Inuyasha Bleach Blood+ The 4400 ATHF Futurama (new episodes on comedy central in 2008) Smallville Supernatural (Excellent writers/actors kick ass music hot cars and even hotter guys! It's the best show ever!) Six Feet Under Ghost Hunters Ghost Hunters International Dexter Destination Truth (that guy cracks me up) Good Eats (best cooking show ever) Scrubs and any historical show. Oh yeah and Rome (I wish I had watched this when it first started but I didn&#039;t have HBO).
Books Anne Rice Robert Frost Jack London Neil Gaiman Alan Moore Joseph Michael Linsner Homer Michael Crichton J. K. Rowling Douglas Adams Colleen McCullough Robert Louis Stevenson Shakespeare and so many more authors. I know I listed authors and not book titles but deal with it LOL.