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34 year-old female from Hillsboro, OR
I'm a girl. I have girl parts. I have a great sense of humor, I'm a singer, a writer, a painter and a dancer.I have a fan group!

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Fundraiser UpdateAs many of you saw I posted a journal a few weeks ago announcing that I planned to do my fundraiser for my mom again. This time I'm going for broke. I'm spending money out of pocket to get some stuff together for raffles and auctions to raise money. @KWierso and I even have an enormous grand prize this year that a great deal of people will want to win so we're hoping that this time around we will succeed.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am still working on getting it up and running. Part of that process included getting my mom to get an updated estimate for repairs to her house as that is going to be including in the amount we need to raise. I've listened to a lot of advice from people who apparently got complaints about my past fundraiser, and I am making changes to make sure past mistakes aren't repeated.

However, some of the complaints I've heard really upset me a great deal. I'd like to address them now.

1. "You're trying to raise too much money."

I am asking only for what is needed in order to successfully save my mom from losing everything she has left to her which is not much. I am having to inflate the amount by a small sum as Indiegogo charges fees whether your fundraiser succeeds or not. So if I need to raise $45,000 I have to actually raise $55,000 to cover fees so that in the end I get the $45,000 needed. I am not asking for a penny more than is necessary.

2. "Raffles are a bad idea, because I want a guaranteed prize so an auction is a better way to go."

The problem with auctions is that it only raises the amount of the last bid. If I do a raffle where each raffle sold is $1 I can raise far more money with people spending far less in the long run. Also, I'm not here to help anyone but my mother. This may sound callous, but it's the truth. Charity isn't about getting something for yourself as a reward for doing something good. It's about helping others out of the kindnes...
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Music late 50s (when Elvis hit the scene) 60s 70s 80s and 90s. Mostly 60s and 70s. Especially Styx Led Zeppelin Chicago Fleetwood Mac Lynard Skynard The Eagles CCR Three Dog Night The Doors and Styx (I know I said them twice but I REALLY like them)
Movies The Godfather Scarface Blade Runner Pearl Harbor Children of Men The Boondock Saints The Lord of the Rings Trilogy The Harry Potter movies Romeo & Juliet (Yes the Leo version) Titanic (bite me) Batman Begins The Crow Princess Bride Every Kevin Smith movie Trainspotting The Prestige Cleopatra (with Elizabeth Taylor) The Ten Commandments (with Charlton Heston may he rest in peace) Serenity Troy Alexander (Any Rome Greece or Egypt history related film is loved by me) War of the Worlds (the Tom Cruise one) Dawn of the Dead The Howling The Shining (the new version) Planet of the Apes (both versions) The Towering Inferno The Omega Man I Am Legend The Mist Cloverfield Atonement The Departed man I could do this all day. Oh any Hitchcock and any Stanley Kubrick film.
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Books Anne Rice Robert Frost Jack London Neil Gaiman Alan Moore Joseph Michael Linsner Homer Michael Crichton J. K. Rowling Douglas Adams Colleen McCullough Robert Louis Stevenson Shakespeare and so many more authors. I know I listed authors and not book titles but deal with it LOL.