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29 year-old male from Virginia Beach, VA
Hello, i'm from Southington Connecticut. I've also lived in Upland and Carlsbad California, Rathdrum Idaho, Mississippi, Seattle Washington, Lancaster Pennsylvania and some other places. Right now im going to school in Daytona Beach.

Currently enlisted in the United States Navy, Stationed on board the Harry S. Truman. I work in the Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department as an Aviation Electronics Technician specializing in Communications/ Navigation (ComNav) and IFF. Yeah, it's a mouthful, try explaining that to people when you're drunk.
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So the end is here.Well, I leave on deployment Monday. 8 months in the Persian Gulf. Kind of looking forward to it. Should be fun. Be back sometime next July.

Later Yo.
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Name Andrew Z.
Occupation Navy, Aviation Electronics Technician
Birthday June 21st, 1986
Interests RVB (duh) computers cars Fire outdoors Calvin and Hobbes cookie dough ice cream Sushi flying hiking reading swimming blowing shit up Climbing trees realy technical stuff taking shit apart mountain biking photography throwing my blue raquete ball at my roomates gaming off roading talking to people guns skiing music good movies playing guitar- bass and six string just not very good etc.
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