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I love puma, I got the close the shoes and i love the animal, how did you think I got to like Red vs Blue

and now I realise that so far every single pirson I've met on this site has loved my avatar
so just tell me what you think.

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A date today...unsatisfiing but aheadI'm just righting this because I need to get it out and since this is a journal I'll use it for what it was made for.

Don't worry AshamedGoril my Line of the Day will continue and I'll have a line for every day I miss so prepare for a Mega Line Day (planed (sorry about the big gap I was in las vegas and some more stuff that will explained in the journal

Now on wednesday I asked Hadly if she wanted to go see a movie on Friday, but I guess since I wasn't being very direct with her on it being date, she asumed of ir being more of a friends hanging out kind of thing. Which would of been okay if she didn't invite one of her friends to come too.

Luckily she invited another girl so from the outside it seemed like I was a pimp, but I hate pimps because they sell and demean women and I'm to much of a gentlemen so it was bad for me because I'm a one woman man. My cousins how ever were very proud of how I was on a "date" with two girls. *sigh* I guess I wouldn't call it a date (I'm not really sure what to call it)

Now of course as the day was ending and since I'm 16 I should drive her and her friend home. Well I would but I don't have my licence. My Optomitrist found something wrong with my eyes so I've been on hold till all my eye testing is done. So her father picked us up which was normal for him because she's 14 and he's used to picking her and her friends up, but still I felt kind of humiliated.

So as we walked towards the car she mentioned that she was cold (actually it was more like a cry to the world that she was freezing so I took off my jacket to give to her but she declined it and said that I would be freezing without my jacket. I obviously insisted then her father came in and told her I was trying to be a gentlemen.

Okay I'm still not sure if Hadly likes me but at this point I already know that her father does (and I don't mean in a Michael Jackson way, I mean he approves of me). However even with her father backing me up for her to take my jacket and not freez her ass off she still declines. Apparently she has no problem taking my towel to around herself to keep her warm (I guess a jacket isn't warm enough)

Moving on, we were in the car and I some how I convinced them to take her friend home before me and she lives about 20 min. away and I live about 5 min. away (I still don't know how I did it). That did however finaly give me some time alone with her (except for her farther driving but he was busy driving and it was like he wasn't there). She told her father that she was cold so her father turned on up the heat, but soon he said he was burning up even though Hadly said she was still cold which gave me a chance to rap my toasty warm arms around her (hmm... makes you think was he really "burning up" or just really clever. for dramatic perposes I like to believe that he's clever, but I doubt it).

Now it was like that till we got to my home. now obviously I wanted to kiss her but her was right there and it just wasn't right (I mean come on would you really have your first kiss with someone in front of her father?). Well I came home I talked to told my family about it. and waited for my sister to come home to talk to her about it (because she's the only one that I can talk to about things like this)

Before I finish I should tell you this all happened yesterday and I just thought of writing this till now. I just said today for less confution when telling the story.

Well That was my socalled "Date" (well actually more like the end but all we did was watch the movie) I don't excpect you to read all of it but if your reading this now then I asume you did read it and I thank you for doing so and I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did (well I'm not enjoying it that much It's 2:13am and I started writing at 10:00pm) Thank you for reading this goodnight and goodluck
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