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My 1.7pence (2 cents)I walked into school on Wednesday to find after watching the Nintendo and Sony press conference, and talked to a friend who was also a bit of a hardcore gamer, he asked me which console was going to win this generation of console war, PS3 or 360?

"Arent you forgetting something?" I said to which he replied, "No, what do you mean?" "Uhhh....the Wii?" To which he just laughed.

"Thats not even a contender" He said..........................

Excuse me, not a contender?

Lets have a look at the history of video gaming..............shall we?

In the beginning, there was many consoles, and many games, many of which were exactly the same. This pattern continued pretty much until the dawn of the Megadrive (Genesis) and the Snes, wherin gaming became a household thing. You had one, your friends had one, your cool uncle had one, even my teacher had one.

And for a time it was good.................

the came the 32-bit generation. Remeber the first time you saw games like Croc running in 3D. When the mystical up button did more than let Mario climb a ladder and you could run around enemies to avoid them. When you had to take into account lines of sight to help Snake complete his mission. It truly was a gaming revolution.

And for a time it was good.................

Then came the promises of PS2 and Dreamcast, with thier "lifelike graphics" and "infinite" draw distances in all games.

Ok, good. So far we have had two generations of this type, and we are now moing into a third with the PS3 and Xbox 360. But lets boil those down into a question; What have we really achieved since the last generation, improved graphics, and wireless controllers as standard, but has it really made much of a difference?

I think....No, it hasnt. Its basically last generations consoles on steroids..................... until we look at the Wii.

Nintendo has once again dared to break away from regular thinking and create something truly extraordinary. Think of the thrill when you will feel Links arrow leave your controller and plunge into the enemies heart. When its YOUR sword that clashes with your enemies in Red Steel and so much more.

And thats why my console of choice for this generation has to be the Wii (despite the stupid name.(
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