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27 year-old male from Dallas, Tx
Heyo i'm Jason
I'm a graphic design major at A&M Commerce and attend classes in downtown Dallas.
I love to go to the museum when I can. I enjoy art that makes you think and can touched.
I'd rather have a relationship where I can talk to them instead of just a hook up.
My mind pretty much lives in the gutter.
I'm a computer nerd or so my friends tell me.
and I enjoy flying kites (not the wal-mart bought kites i mean like big enough to drag you across the ground kind of kites.)
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Been a while again?lol the semester is almost over and i'm goin nuts trying to finish the last off my work for classes. I don't log on much anymore but figured i'd come on today and see what was up. I also recently moved into Dallas really kinda nice living on my own again.
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The Goods
Name Jason
Occupation professional Student
Birthday September 20th, 1987
Interests Anime is one of my biggest interests and my next is anything that has to do with video and graphics and stuff like that. I enjoy learning about flash and web design and 3d animation. I also enjoy rock climbing a lot just haven�39;t been able to do it much lately.
Music Techno and almost any other type of music
Movies Inyuyasha the movie Italian job Euro trip Sooper Troopers all things that have to do with Monty Python Enemy at the gates Boondock Saints anchorman and any other really good movie that I didn't say
TV Shows Anime: Yu Yu Hakusho Inuyasha Blue Gender Full Metal Panic (just started watching) FLCL Cowboy Beebop the early series of Dragon Ball all the new stuff just isn't that cool anymore Witch Hunter Robin Blue Gender Hikaru No Go Naruto Bleach Gun Grave Maburaho Trinity Blood Futakoi Psychic Academy Rizelmine Aishiteru ze Baby Air Jinki Extend Scryed and any other anime that i've seen or haven�39;t seen thats awesome. If you have some good anime suggestions please drop me a line. Tv: Myth Busters Battlestar Galactica Stargate SG1 and atlantis House
Books The halo series Eragon Eldest the lord of the rings series The whole shannara series witch is I think is around 13 books now. Enders game series I know it seems dorky but i also like the harry potter stuff Catcher and the Rye