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25 year-old male from Oak Park, IL
Meh i'm the big african-american malestanding 6 4", nice and pretty shy as well, LOVE GODZILLA MAY HE LIVE ON FOREVER!! GOD NARUTO SHIPPUDEN SUCKS!
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The Wheels of Time...WoW, thats all i can say. I come back to this profile and it truly is like a mirror to the past. So much has changed in 2 years, just from reading my own comments and hobbies brings back a certain sensation. Nostalgia is so powerful and this site has got me full of it. Its been 2 years and while my base interests remain the same, anime, manga, games its so strange looking back! Before next gen consoles, before my interest in anime expanded beyond Naruto, ditto with manga. So much has changed but so much has remained the same, naruto is still one of my favorite franchises, godzilla still owns, and i'm still gaming. But man my profile needs an over haul! Slayers is classic but no longer should hold my avatar space! Possibly the smexyness of Ulquiorra? Nah too emo or is he...
But anyway cheers to old friends gone and any new ones i may make and please enjoy reading my old journals and stuff because a 2 year gap is pretty significant!
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Name Darius Murphy
Occupation Student
Birthday May 29th, 1990
Interests Anime/Manga Kaiju Movies aka Godzilla and video games of nearly all generes(Rpg's are my favorite american japanese its ALL good)
Music Rap R&B Punk
Movies Gamera Trilogy Godzilla 1984 Godzilla vs Biollante(Those two movies could be called almost the best godzilla movies ever made!) John Q Collateral Godzilla Mothra King Ghidora: All Monsters attack Slayers: the motion Picture Spiderman Lord of the rings trilogy End of Evangelion Samurai X Red vs Blue dvd's( there like movies...) just watched Godzilla vs Destroyah so i9;ll add that so tocuhing *tear*
TV Shows that 70's show Simpsons Pimp my ride DragonBall Z Dragonball Evangelion Yu Yu Hakusho Ruroni Kenshin Case Closed Sonic X Shaman King Punk'd Family Guy Futurama(Matt you smart idiot why did you cancel it?!) Sea lab 2021 Aqua Teen Hunger Force Wolf's Rain Chappells Show South Park Reno 911 Viva la bam Bleach One Piece Claymore House Claymore Arrested Development. all that reality tv crap
Books I prefer manga