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33 year-old female from WalMart Town, USA
"All knowledge is worth having." Anafiel Delaunay
"Love as thou wilt." Blessed Elua
Both quotes are from Kushiel's Chosen, by Jacqueline Carey

I found this on another profile and loved it.

I'm curious....fill this out for me, please?
I will join this trend, but don't expect more. Here is my sloganizer-dealie:
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No, I'm really not deadI've just been not here.
Happy Halloween month!

Not much new here, still married, still working for the Walmart Foundation (notice, they changed it and took out the - ), still waiting for my parents to move out here, and still trying to fine Grant a job. We did end up moving to a new place, and it's pretty nice.

Grant found out that you can light an electric burner on fire, if you use enough grease, and now we need a new toaster. The only thing that was really damaged by fire was the drip pan under the burner, but we ended up with Ammonium Phosphate all over the house from the fire extinguisher. So, now I need a new toaster. We cleaned everything else, but you can't really clean the inside of a toaster.

Also, I've been asked to provide my Christmas wish list for my mother in law. I don't know what I really want, any ideas?
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