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32 year-old male from Calgary, Alberta, Canada
I will accept random friend requests, why wouldn't I? Only catch, shoot me a message, or something, what's the point in being friends, if you never talk. I will also accept XBL friend requests, always looking for people to play with, or complete those co-op achievements.
Shoot me a message, always happy to talk to people.

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Where have I beenSo, this seems to have become a theme with me. Disappear for months and months at a time, then write a journal about how long I've been away and what I have been up to. So, here goes.
I guess I will skip most of last year and just recap my winter. I have to say that this has been one of the best winters I have ever had. I finally put my foot down at work and asked to not travel anywhere for a while. I was starting to get burnt out and it was really starting to affect my personal life, so it was time I took a break from the road. Since I was home so much it gave me a chance to really enjoy the Rocky Mountains. I bought myself a mountain snowmobile in December and really loved the sport. I grew up sledding back east in Ontario and have always wanted to get into mountain sledding since I moved to Calgary. It is the best sport I have ever gotten involved in, and way more difficult than I ever expected. On top of sledding, I got in quite a few days of skiing as well. The best of which was 3 days of cat skiing that I got to do with some of my best friends, in March. We got pounded with snow and it was endless powder for 3 straight days.
In my gaming life, I think I'm just stuck playing Modern Warfare 3 now. I really wanted to 100% Arkham City, but I just got bored of chasing Riddler challenges. WAY TOO FUCKING MANY of them!

Below are a couple links to some of the videos I made throughout the winter:



Hope y'all are doing well.
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