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25 year-old male from Uniontown, PA
I hope to be a friend to all, so feel free to add me to your friends list.
I do vote for people who ask me to
Feel free to look through my pics
I also really like tp play gituar.

These two pics are links

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Keep your asshole comments to yourselfI recently came across someone who decided to treet me like shit today (they will remain nameless) He mocked me and caused me to send them a very adult rated message. I am writting this to tell everyone, IF YOU HAVE A NEGATIVE COMMENT ABOUGHT ME, OR WHAT I LIKE. KEEP IT TO YOURSELF FOR FUCK SAKE!!!! thank you, and goodnight.
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Name Alan Braham
Occupation Machienist
Birthday November 8th, 1989
Interests Music Xbox Racing Red vs Blue Playing gituar and Making Music with my NEW BAND!! and pissing people off...even though some people refer me as the hippy type......
Music Green Day Red Hot Chili Peppers Incubus System of a Down Nirvana Audioslave Nine inch nails Alkaline trio Gorillaz Thrice Linkin park Disturbed Muse Foo fighters The explosion Jet Three days grace Sublime We are scientists Dredg The strokes P.O.D. Soundgarden Sum 41 Switchfoot Weezer Anti-Flag and any other type of rock/ punk and a little bit of emo that you can think of ask me and I will tell you if I like it.
Movies Wierd stuff with good story lines (Fight Club)
TV Shows Family Guy The Simpsons Fooley Cooley Full Metal Alchemist and ask abought any other shows to see if I like it.
Books Manga Graphic Novels and Online Comics (Two kinds Yosh Anime Arcadia and El Goonish Shive)