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blackicee Mage of Zeal
22 year-old male from England
I guess I've had my profile for about 6 years now and I really haven't put all that much thought into it, or changed it all that much in that time. So I suppose I haven't really had much to talk about.

I guess I'm just another fan of the RT works.
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blackicee Mage of Zeal
Engine Hearts session 1: All the loot!Engine hearts is an indie tabletop RPG which revolves around a world where humans have mysteriously disappeared and the robots left in their wake are trying to figure out what’s going on, while staying charged and avoiding rust.

Kiji decided to run a game a while back, but we only got around to playing a session now, so me and Calpal took a dive into this post apocalyptic world filled with droids, mechs and a metric tonne of scrap metal run by our ever so benevolent programmer, Kijimuna.

So, a quick list of our player characters so far.

Icee - RaMoAF: Repair and Maintenance of Automated Factory
A small robot who speaks with a cockney accent for some reason; a master of all things mechanical and digital, he is assisted by two smaller robots nicknamed technomites.

Calpal - M.U.T: Mobile Urban Transport
A beast of a bot, designed for the transport and charging of the factory’s small legion of security bots.

So, to begin, it had been at least a few months since humanity disappeared off the face of the earth leaving bots to try and keep everything running in their stead (Because robots are slaves to their programming). The two bots had been going about their business as usual, working around a large factory complex run by an A.I. who had noticed that deliveries had stopped and that they were running on reserve power, reserve power that would not hold out for long.
The A.I. decided it would be prevalent to try and find out what happened so xhe decided to send out a small party to head to the nearest power station and while on the way to bring back as many spare parts as possible.

Naturally RaMoAF offered his assistance as the best engineer in the entire factory (At least as far as he was concerned.) and M.U.T was assigned as his protection (and mobile storage bin.)

It was about five minutes out of the factory that RaMoAF immediately forgot what possessions were and started looting every single car in sight, gaining a dirty rag, a smartphone and a car charger in the process (Luckily the phone had a contact touch screen or our bots would be at the mercy of lacking that fleshy meat stuff that organics are coated with.)

After searching through several cars, picking their locks and disabling their alarms, MUT picked up on some movement in the distance and, despite being on the larger side of the robot spectrum, was able to sneak up to a car near the unkown entity.
RaMoAF carefully climbed off his chauffeur and took a peek from the safety of behind a car tire.

Turns out the source of the movement was a courier bot, one designed to take letters and other such packages from place to place, but it was moving erratically and without direction which RaMoAF was able to deduce was very out of character for such a bot... So he immediately ordered MUT to run him over and pin him to the ground... And so he did.
With the bot pinned and flailing about making all manner of bleeping noises our resident mechanic went about finding the safest access panel before directly hacking into the courier and finding out everything it knew.

The news was rather distressing; the poor bot had been hacked and modified to the point where its original programming couldn’t be restored and after a quick rifling through its memory banks our duo found out that there was another organised group of bots looking for other organised groups of bots... Considering the two of them just came from a very organised group of bots there was a lot of concern.

TIME WAS OF THE ESSENCE! and so RaMoAF wasted no time in taking a good while to strip the courier bot down to it’s most basic parts and storing them away in MUT (Who at this point was rather filled up with stuff, but luckily the courier bot had storage containers! which were promptly filled up with his other parts... Kinda gruesome when you think about it). The courier only had once piece of mail, although the address couldn't be made out but holding it up to the light revealed that there was not only a letter inside but a small card as well.

After stripping the bot down the two decided that it might actually be a good idea to head back and tell the factory that danger was lurking on the horizon and to be on the lookout for any suspicious looking bots and with the facility on high alert they headed back out onto the road.

A few more looted cars later the party came across a turn in the road and a police station. Following a quick survey of the area the inside looked rather deserted and there appeared to be a info booth with a map of the surrounding area and having a map seemed like a good thing to have and MUT thought so too, so he rammed into the pull door and made a hell of a racket all the while failing to get the door open.
RaMoAF, manipulators flailing, charged in and grabbed the map before anything inside could react before charging down the road at full speed on MUT’s back.

It was around this time that the day was coming to a close which means that it was probably a good time to find shelter. After a short while the group managed to find a movie theater where they set up shop in a janitors closet which fortuitously locked from the inside.

Now with free time, RaMoAF decided it would be a good idea to loot the place and make a couple additions to MUT, for example, replacing his size three battery with a size 5 HD cell taken from the courier bot.
The little engineer also decided to check the phone for radio or wifi and although there was no internet to be found there was an encrypted radio signal which (after several hours of tireless decoding) turned out to be clustered with the banter of two factions that did not seem to be friendly.

And here was where the session ended.
All together I can’t wait for the next one, it’s nice being a player character for a change and Engine Hearts is a very simple and easy to play game, even if the character creation does take up a fair amount of time.
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