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29 year-old male from Central Texas
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Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Minor in Criminal Justice
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BlackPenguin Guardian x4
My Very Late RTX 2014 RecapLike every year, words can't do it justice. I'll keep it brief, which is easy because Guardian work doesn't make for much text. Here's my late, boring, rushed, and inadequate recap of RTX 2014.

Arrived to find them full up on bag stuffers. Got lunch with @Radius55, @suppi, @bacoose, @cdlr4v1, and others. Went back to convention center. Met with fellow panel Guardians. This year I was Lieutenant for the panel department, under @Arcys. Helped stuff bags for a while. Got home around 8pm, and started packing.

Managed to check into hotel at 9:30am. Get settled in. Go to convention center and start doing Guardian stuff. Helped lay tape down for pa...
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