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Black FridayI don't really participate in Black Friday. However, I don't hate it either. I don't get up in arms about retailers being open. I sympathize with the workers, and feel for them, but I stop short of wanting to boycott stores or getting mad at companies. I agree that's a bit uncool to be open Thanksgiving morning, but I don't have much of a problem with stores opening up in the afternoon.

My mom worked retail for decades. She'd go to work Thursday afternoon, get out Friday morning, come home and take a nap, and go back in Friday night. She went 20+ years without having Thanksgiving off. I worked peak retail days throughout high school and college too. It's the nature of the beast.

Last year, at this time, I was working as a corrections officer at a juvenile corrections center. Let me tell you, I would much rather work at Wal-Mart or the mall on Thanksgiving than there. I understand not liking Black Friday, and voicing it, but when I hear people get to a certain level of anger I just think about what I was doing last year. Going into work early in the morning and dealing with customers in a store, pales in comparison to getting up even earlier and putting on combat boots and stopping over 20 minors from beating each other up and trying to steal each other's food. Oh, you couldn't watch the game and take a nap? I had to eat cafeteria turkey with a bunch of unstable felons, and then spend hours locked in a big room with them. One day of stress at that job is equivalent to weeks of stress at a retail store.

You know who I have the most sympathy for? Corrections officers, police, firefighters, EMS, hospital workers, city and government employees. Those people are the ones with the hardest jobs, and some of them don't even get to go home on Thanksgiving.
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