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BlackPenguin Guardian x4
PAX South Recap-Good con. Wished there was a bigger Microsoft or Sony presence.
-Roomed with @Radius55, @agd2i, and @aithi. Solid roommates. We watched Bee and PuppyCat.
-Got 2nd place in the Halo 4 tourney. Pretty proud of that. Didn't expect to do that well.
-Favorite game there was Just Shapes & Beats. Really cool Geometry Wars-esque music game.
-Bought some merch (dice, a shirt), and got like 5 free shirts too.
-Had multiple meals with awesome people.
-Saw someone get really fucking wasted.
-Was surprised how much I liked downtown San Antonio.
-Got drunk multiple times.
-Now have a serious McNugget addiction.

Obligatory shout out tag section for people I hung out with and talked to. Sorry if I forgot you.
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