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32 year-old female from Oceanside, CA
Im a 6 foot tall, ass-kicking momma with two little ninja kids.

I hug like most people hand shake so just be warned.

BTW Watch out for the rogue behind you (hes my hubby).

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When all the dust settles...Lately things have been nutty around here, for many of my friends and family things have taken a turn for the worst.

My parent’s health hasn’t been well for awhile, mom is going in for another surgery in January, but they are strong and are pulling through. My brother Matt is in and out of ER's lately but he keeps an optimistic mind, he deserves so much more, especially as a disabled vet, but he will survive with our support. My aunt is FINALLY leaving the very bad relationship that has plagued her for the last few years, I’m so happy to finally hear the sadness leaving her voice. Brother Jojo is going through a lot and I pray for him the most, he doesn’t deserve what his soon to be ex is doing to him (no person does) and I hope for his sake he realizes that he still deserves true love and a family.

John boy, I love ya darlin and you know I have always supported you, your on your way to the top darlin, I know you don’t believe in yourself but I ALWAYS will.

We’ve had 3 homecomings (Dean, Chris and Paul) and I thank god they came home safely.

I can safely say, when the dust from this rollercoaster settles, we will all be standing strong and proud and be better people for it. This is the time when we show our true colors and I am more then happy to say that with many things coming to light the people I love dearly have shown once again they are the most awesome group of people EVER.

Thank god for you all, you’ll never know how much you mean to me. Remember to let those you love know it EVERY single day, life is short, make it worth the trip.
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