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Manual Labour

There is nothing better after a good long day of some manual labour (like painting or ripping up carpet - or even making a new website, like the strangerhood) than a nice, super-cold beer. I think you know what I am talking about.
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i know what you're talking about

i'm enjoying this nice cold beer and i diddnt even do any manual labour today.

I did last night tho so we're cool.
10 years ago
TheDarksage Interbutts
I feel ya. In fact I think I'll go get a cuh-hold one right now.
10 years ago
Oh hell yeah - I toast you dear Gfunk * clink glasses *
10 years ago
griffon Cast & Crew
Or how about a nice cold one before work? or during?
10 years ago  |  + 1 Ditto
geoff Cast & Crew
I'd mod you for that sugarmoney, but I'm all tapped out.
10 years ago
I feel ya on the website one. And yeah...I'm with sugarmoney...drink as you work.

Sure your productivity goes down, but by that time who cares?
10 years ago
matt Cast & Crew
that wasn't beer
10 years ago
dan Cast & Crew
matt strikes again!
10 years ago
kilroy was here
3 years ago
I like a nice cool beer after a long day of sleeping and doing a couple shots of jager.
7 years ago
aw yeah!!
3 years ago
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