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Easter Eggs

Lately, and largely thanks to Achievement Hunter, I've kind of become obsessed with Easter Eggs. I've made like three videos this week alone showing some cool ones in Just Cause 2 (as evidenced here, here, and here). This has got me thinking, what's the appeal? Do any of you get caught up in trying to find them? Or do you think they're stupid and a waste of time/development? What's your favorite Easter Egg? Feel free to ignore this journal entirely if you just don't give a damn either way.
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The Elder Scrolls games probably have hundreds of easter eggs in them. My favorite was when I was exploring the Bloodmoon expansion and came across a reenactment of the Hoth ice cave scene from The Empire Strikes Back.

Also the flipped elephant message and the jerk store grunt from halo 3 made me lol.
5 years ago
CamperKiller Sponsor
Easter Eggs should be Chocolate.
Various fillings are permitted. Giant Easter Eggs should be filled with plenty of smaller chocolate eggs - I don't make the rules...

In-game Easter Eggs should have the decency to at least send you a discount coupon for the chocolate variety - otherwise, they don't count.
5 years ago
In my opinion, they're pretty fun. I don't usually go running around looking for them myself, but when I stumble across one, it certainly brings a smirk to my face.
5 years ago
JTP117 Sponsor
Finding all of you at RT in Halo 3 by accident = Greatest moment I had, or ever will have, whilst in a video game.
5 years ago
I think they're cool, but I'm not gonna waste my time looking for a bunch of them.
5 years ago
i love easter eggs the beached whale is your best
5 years ago
Yea easter eggs are alright I suppose. If you guys at Roosterteeth happen to read this can people just go down to your office if they live in Austin cause Ill be living there in Summer and thought fuck it be as well come along mail me or reply or something. cheers
5 years ago
I loved the top hat wearing skeleton in Darksiders.
5 years ago
I clicked on all three of these videos to buffer them and you cant believe what six geoffs and gus's all saying stuff simultaneously sounds like
4 years ago
easter eggs are great. they reward people who the extra mile in thier games
5 years ago
Easter eggs that are UN MISSABLE (if you are looking at the screen) i think are awesome. But easter eggs the developers hid in a locker in the room you cant get into until your third play-through and can only see once... those bother me.

Showing a sense of humor from game designers is always appreciated and very enjoyable, but when i play a game and go back to read a guide and it has this long ass list of things you MUST do just to see a joke, it doesnt seem worth it.
5 years ago
yeah i agree one of my favorites was the red vs blue one in Halo 3 and I like the ones in the videos from JC 2
5 years ago
slightfatigu Sponsor
my favorite easter egg is quite dark.. in gta san andreas when you do the training mission in the dessert to fly the plane the default song on the radio is lynard skynard "free bird" i failed the mission a few times due to crashing then i realised the easter egg
5 years ago
I thoroughly enjoy looking for the Easter Eggs on the RT dvd's. I spent ages search for them and when I think I have them all I check the internet just to be sure. I think that's why I enjoyed the RvB S3 dvd so much, they seemed to go on forever! My favourite easter egg? When Tucker tries to hit on Yellow Church. He reminded me of The Todd from the Scrubs show...
5 years ago
In reply to Ehvan, #26:
Yeah not trying to kiss-ass, but the RVB easter egg on Halo 3 was pretty awesome.

I think part of the appeal is when you actually find an easter egg, and you're one of the select few who understands the reference.
Then it's like you're a bit better than everyone else.

^^This, I found those guys when I First got the game, and I was Laughing my head off i was like Caboose just let him In!
5 years ago
Swankyfella Sponsor
I love in Dead Rising when you kill as many zombies as there are people in the town you get the Mega Man gun.

That, and the Grunt Birthday Party skull. Those children really love headshots.
5 years ago
I was on the fence about getting this game, but now im decided. i wanna blow the shit outta a beached whale
5 years ago
Darkfire180 Suited Up
I love easter eggs. They're really fun to find and figure out what in the hell they are. I don't know what else to say, just the simple fact of them being there makes them an enjoyable part of any game.
5 years ago
I love Easter eggs like In halo 3 with that tedy bead and the elifent flip... But I wish they made them more
weird and rediculis like a pink grunt with dred locks that actily says "there's the deamon mon" and has a bottel of bocrity or a grutare on his back and bungie peaple if you read this put one in reach
5 years ago
Easter Eggs are fun to find in something I really love, like Halo. Sometimes, however, they feel like more of a nuisance. But if you find them by accident while exploring, they're even better
5 years ago
the singing vorticon in half life 2 that was a interesting and challanging easter egg to get to
5 years ago
D0m3g4 Sassy One
i love when they put easter eggs in games, especially in free roaming games like Just Cause 2

I think my favorites were the easter bunny in Saints Row 2, and the Johnathan Coulton easter eggs in the L4D2 demo
5 years ago
In reply to ColdRadio, #24:
and you don't even need sunblock! win-win
5 years ago
I would have been your daddy. ;)
5 years ago
my favorite easter eggs are the red vs blue ones in halo 3
5 years ago
sometimes easter eggs are funny and worthwhile (like the RvB ones in Halo 3), while others can be just pointless (nothing in particular springs to mind, but I'm generally not the kind who bothers with going to find the easter eggs).
5 years ago
This is a good game
5 years ago
My favorite has to be the cowboy hat one in gears of war 2. Where you can make a corpser (I think) say yeehaw and wear a humongus cowboy hat.
5 years ago
Please keep making these videos, they're really cool to see.
5 years ago
evrlozano Sponsor
While I don't own Just Cause 2, just seeing these videos make me want the game more and more. Watching them make my day so I say, keep making them. They're funny and they usually come with some witty remarks that have nothing to do with the video.
5 years ago
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