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So, in an effort to promote the start of Immersion (TOMORROW) I posted a picture of a cool project from our office on reddit.com. One of our RT members on Reddit totally called me out for posting on Reddit before RT.com. And he's (she's) completely right. Tomorrow is the "first" episode of Immersion -- but you guys have already seen the pilot so it won't be new new to you. We wanted to surprise you guys with the start of the show by posting that and telling you that seven more episodes will are coming in Nov, Dec and Jan.

Little did I know that our pictures of the Left 4 Dead safe room door would reach the top spot on Reddit. So, here's something cool bundled with an apology and a promise to keep you guys first. <3

We're going to do a longer full office pictorial later this week. I asked Griffon if she could replicate a safe room door using our studio's exit door. She responded by making this:

More discussion in comments.
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Have Griffon make an overlay of that door to sell in the RT store and I will buy it for every room in my house.
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SailorTweek Forum Mod
I am totally stoked about this! I know you guys have been working super hard on this. I know that it's totally worth the wait.
I want to come over and play real life Left for Dead at your office...

Weaving the metal strips through the rebar! Awesome attention to detail. Griffon is truly amazing!

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That is the BEST door ever. Of all time.
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zazazazaza Sponsor
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My bedroom is my safe room.
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so much winnnnn

also geoff looks like ellis mixed with francis
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Holy crap that is awesome!
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ShadowTemp47 Random D20
I have to admit that this looks awesome, but it wouldn't be a complete Left 4 dead Experience, without the RT staff dead in under a minute, and Burnie Screaming at the top of his lungs... Do you think you will make more of your office look like Video games sets? or do you just think it will be for the props in Immersion?
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Garmana Sponsor
Don't worry about where you post news Burnie. You all do such a awesome job.
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jokersflame Sponsor
L4D1 and 2 are my favorite videogames on Xbox, when you play them with friends it's nothing short of a blast.

I even have all the achievements due to how much I've played. In otherwords this is awesome.
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I've seen a door remade to look like the L4D safe house door, but this one takes the cake, by far surpassing the other example in quality, no question or doubt about it!
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Can't wait to see all the immersions you guys have made. And Griffon did an amazing job on the door!!
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i just noticed.... are those real bullet holes?
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Schraver RoosterSpeak
i don't think iv ever wanted a door so badly in my entire life...
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What is Brandon doing with his finger on the trigger whilst not aiming at a zombie? That's very dangerous.
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MadCatKaine Sponsor
This is just about the most Epic thing I have scene in a long time. I applaud Griffon and her mad skills.

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Caiti Velvet
I really want Griffon to replicate the painted on exit door from the Simpsons onto my bedroom wall.

It would be amazing.

P.S. I'm so stoked!
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I just peed myself with joy
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what the fuck is the matter with you! You dont give geoff a shotgun!
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akiv12801 Sponsor
Griffon is probably the most talented women ever. Of all time.

I'm wicked excited for Immersion.
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DiMono Site Admin
You are about to win the Internet.
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Red420 Guardian2015
I'm sad because I know that Kerry well end up killing Geoff just like the A.I. in L4D.
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Also, I predict Jack in a boomer outfit.
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This is one of those times where there has to be an awesome button on the site. Shift+Awesome!
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RowCope ButtonMasher
Wait a minute, is Kerry holding Jason's authentic handgun (the one made the same year as his authentic car)?
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Jengaship Forum Mod
I feel sorry for Kerry already and I don't know why.
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